"*huff, puff* dammit... I reached my limit." Naruto muttered.

"And you accomplished your job before that." Tsunade's voice reached his ears from the door.

"Glad to see*huff* you're done... Is everything okay with *inhale* Mikoto-san?" Naruto asked as he stood wobbly on his legs.

"Yes. I managed to heal her slashed back and punctured stomach while reversing any problems it caused. I see your shift is complete as well?" Tsunade said as she rushed to Naruto, helping him to the chair on the corner of the room.

"Yeah... all nine kids are safe. Whatever Itachi was doing, seemed to be sloppy at best. Makes me wonder..." Naruto pondered.

"I know, Naruto-chan. But some doors are better left unopened." Tsunade said, already knowing what truly happened. Being the head to one of the two main founding clan of Konoha had its perks after all.

"Very well... At least the future of the Uchiha clan is a little more assured than the latter scenario." Naruto said, imagining what would've happened if they had been a little late.

"Yes. And that is what makes our countless working hours, worth it. We heal before we judge. Remember, the main rule of healing: Our Duty Is to Heal, not Judge." Tsunade and Naruto recited the rule.

"Good. Now, let's go home. I'll inform the nurses to strap him before we leave." Tsunade said while keeping Naruto upright.

"H-hai..." Naruto agreed. 

Sadly, fate had different plans for our favorite blonde. 

"I NEED TO SEE HER! WHERE IS MIKOTO UCHIHA?!" a loud, familiar voice rang through the hospital.

"Kushina! What is the meaning of this?!" Tsunade said as Naruto forced himself to straighten up and hide behind Tsunade, despite his body's protests.

"Tsunade! Thank Kami you're here! I came here when I heard what happened to the Uchiha clan and these nurses tell me I'm not allowed to see my best friend!" Kushina announced as she glared at the nurses.

"That would be because my second-in-command and I gave the order. What the Uchiha clan has been through tonight almost cost the few we saved. They're in no condition to see anyone, and who knows when they will be." Tsunade argued, letting a tiny, yet important piece of information out. 

"Wait. Second-in-command? We always asked you why you didn't have one and you always said it was better to have full command of the hospital yourself." Kushina stated, intrigued in the situation.

'Damn it..." Tsunade thought. She was exhausted as well, so she forgot to keep that little piece of information out. 

"Well, I felt it was time to share my responsibilities." Tsunade said, hoping Kushina didn't press the matter.

"Well... I guess that's good to hear. Well, can I meet them? Since I'm not able to see Mikoto tonight, I might as well meet this person. I would prefer to not have come here without accomplishing anything. Unless it is Shizune, since, although it would make sense, I already know her." Kushina inquired, unknowingly causing Tsunade to sweatdrop. Whatever was happening, she was not sure if Naruto was comfortable releasing this piece of information with Kushina. 

"Well... they might be somewhere in the hospi-" Tsunade was cut off.

"Kaa-san, It's okay. Might as well get it over with." Naruto announced as he stepped from behind Tsunade, grasping Kushina's attention to himself. 

The moment Kushina's eyes focused on Naruto, she couldn't help but gasp and widen her eyes.

"N-Naruto..." Kushina muttered.

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