✰| Headcannons: Hitoshi Shinsou

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The Man who has a mind control quirk, a perfect quirk for a Villain eh~, but many people have known Hitoshi as more of a controlling Yandere since his quirk gives him an upper hand, BEHOLD! the big bad puppeteer and the helpless little puppet.

How long can you stand to see yourself being free from this show, let see the Yandere Hero, Hitoshi Shinsou...

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- Shinsou is a possessive and controlling Yandere, his life is a show, the prince who is the one to save his damsel in distress...

- You two met during the sports festival, he, wanting to win, decided to make you his victim, but there was something soo intriguing about you, the innocent and naive look you gave him when you said you'd help him, a line of ecstasy rushed through him when he saw you.

Though at first it was mere attraction, unknowingly so, he decided to follow you wherever you wanted to go, or opted to go.

It made him wonder and ponder on why you looked pretty, pretty tempting...

Since that day he decided to make a very bold move, to talk to you, taking in your sweet yet beautiful scent...

- It was that kind aura you were spitting out, it was mostly everything that Shinsou wanted, a kind and adorable little puppet where he, is free, to do everything he ever wanted to do to someone, dress her up like a real puppet.

- Like I said, unknowingly so, he'd unconsciously go wherever you would go, his eyes looming over you, feet following each step you'd take, he's a yandere who'd at first, have a bit of control in his hands, but as times go on, he will lose everything...

- He'd watch you from afar, a plan was forming in his mind, as he observed each and every move you did, a Mastermind indeed.

- But since he has been following you for a long time, you'd start to feel... A bit scared and a bit paranoid, scratch that a bit TOO paranoid... You'd turn almost too quickly for your brain to even apprehend what was going on behind you, not knowing he was watching right beside you...

- And at some point, he'd leave letters, cute and sweet letters in your locker, each time a week. At first the action was a bit cute, but when things started to get a little bit out of hand, eventually leading to a confession, where you would be on guard all times, his aura felt familiar, yet dangerous... All right to get this straight, a stalker, love letters and a confession, see where I'm getting at?

He confess his feelings to you, but out of uncertainty you'd try to piece everything, and you did, you answer him, only to get controlled.

- And with every yandere, there is always a question if they would kidnap, even if he'd control you he won't kidnap you. :)

- On a scale of 1 to 10, he's about a 3 in physical damage but a 9.5 in mental damage, trust me, you'd go to the point where you thought you were Shinsou, because your life is literally surrounded by the thought of him.

- Shinsou is a, like I said, controlling Yandere, that counts in everything he does with you, if he deems you have unworthy friends, bye-bye to them (tortured, forced suicide and etc.) unworthy parents? Off to another country they go (controlled to use money and find a job that is not in Japan), unworthy people talking to you?, distancing themselves from you (threatened), hotel? Trivago

- If it's torture you're asking, it'll probably be isolation and whispers, like saying that 'without Shinsou you would die.' and imagine hearing that over and over again. Yep, good luck.

- Escaping is not in your dictionary, because you have nowhere else to go.

- With his sick methods of making you fall in love with him he'd make you forget the time he confessed, the times where you were anxiously watching each shadow in your room and make you remember lies, so,  you could fall in love with him.

- And eventually the one thing he has been waiting for, for you to see he just loves you and you love him... He'd be chill about it, but inside his insanity is twitching to be released as he hugs you closer to him, to the point that he could never let you go unless he has something to do.

- And on the other hand you'll have your usual normal and happy expression, like the Stalking and Controlling never happened. It was wiped out from your memory, like a love potion (but since this is MHA and not friggin Witchcraft stuff, that dont exist here buddy o' pal.) used on the victim... You'd be happy, like nothing ever happened.

"Love~, it's time to go, oh! And you know what to do. Hold My Hand."

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