Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

Soundwave knew Megatron and the others were alive, but under Autobot watch. He had made sure the Nemesis had landed in just the right way to keep those inside it from being torn to shreds from the impact. Being an intelligent and observant creature, Soundwave had quietly monitored his leader and the others by their energy signatures.

"Soundwave, I require my energon cube." the sing-song voice of Arachnid hissed from her newly constructed throne. The black and purple mech silently cursed her and padded over, his servos clutching an energon cube.

Saying nothing, the mech handed the liquid over. Arachnid inspected it to be sure there was no tampering before she drank the entire thing down. Soundwave merely glanced to his left side when a monitor bleeped for his attention. They had made their home in the ruins of the Nemesis and he had found a way to get the computer system running.

"Why are you always so quiet? You aren't very good company." Arachnid growled, throwing the empty energon cube back at him. "Go get me another."

Soundwave nodded once, turning to go deeper into the torn hull of the starship. But he didn't go where the femme would think. Before she could say a thing he had a metal shard pressed to her neck and then through it. She hardly got a chance to gurgle a cry of surprise before she collapsed dead on the floor.

Soundwave turned to go now, deciding his work was finished. His inner motive had been accomplished. Now all he needed to do was retrieve the sparklings and decipher how to get them back into their normal forms. Wondering for a moment whether or not he should steal the little ones back or communicate with the Autobot faction, the mech transformed when outside and shot into the sky with his mission.


"Would you like to play hide and seek?" Ratchet asked, sounding slightly upset when he got no answer from the small Seekerling. Starscream hadn't talked to him at all since the night before.

'I had hoped he would have forgotten that...' Ratchet thought worriedly when Starscream shied away and went to play alone with his toy jet. It didn't help that the sparkling had pushed the van that looked like Ratchet under some other toys to keep it hidden away.

Knockout tugged at his knee plating, holding up a puzzle box. "Puuuzzzzle?" he asked, one claw trailing across the word as he tried to sound it out. Feeling he had done a fine job, the mechling shook the box to get Ratchet looking at it when he spotted the older mech paying him no mind.

"Yes, yes, we can do a puzzle." Ratchet sighed, deciding it best if the Seekerling was left alone. He might come around with time.

Megatron helped sort the puzzle pieces once the box was opened, sitting beside Knockout and poking at every single piece as it was turned over to the colorful side. He was smiling, working on the wheels of the printed Camaro. Knockout was stacking the pieces into disorganized piles, unsure how to participate in puzzle-doing.

Starscream stayed by himself, now having moved onto coloring. He made a picture for Optimus, folding it up clumsily before attempting to write the mech's name on the front. It legibly read "Oppy," which was quite impressive considering how truly young Starscream was.

As if on cue, Optimus entered the play room. He wasn't smiling, but he wasn't frowning, either. He was his usual Prime self. Until the war ended, his emotions would be in check. Squealing excitedly, Starscream threw himself to his pedes and scrambled over, holding out the folded picture. Optimus cracked a hint of a smile when he bent down and took the parchment.

"Thank you very much, Starscream." Optimus said, unfolding it to see what the Seekerling had drawn for him.

Optimus felt his spark ache, instantly knowing what the picture was. It had two mechs in it, both male by the looks of them. They were holding servos with a much smaller winged figure in between them, who had to be Starscream. Optimus knew none of the Autobots were winged, so he curiously asked who the mechs were.

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