Let Go

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"I am already cracked, and the only strings holding me together right now is my determination to win the Sports Festival. If I lose that, I will lose all hope."--Hebinoya Ikari

*warning: violence and swearing

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*warning: violence and swearing

POV—Todoroki Shoto

Let Go

Don't let me go.

It's like I've been broken free from chains

that have weighted me down for years.

It's exhilarating.

Everything seems so...


Don't let me go.

"'You're in my way.'" I look up to my father. His eyes are filled with satisfaction. "You're not going to say that?" My father's voice-- the voice that had belittled me for years-- seems so unimportant after my liberation. "You need to control your left side. You're just letting it out, that's dangerous. But you have abandoned your childish tantrum, and you've become a perfect successor. Leave all your friends behind, Shoto. Especially that villain kid. They're all nothing."

His mention of Hebinoya perks my interest.

"What? What did Hebinoya do to you?"

Dad scoffs. "She had dared to go against me for controlling you, but look how you turned out!" He booms, a content smile on his face. I don't listen to him, my mind clouding with confusion. "You shouldn't associate yourself with such people, Shoto. She's nothing. She even tried to tell me how to raise you."

She... confronted him?

About me?

I raise up my hand. It is still tingling from my firepower, and in that moment I want nothing more but to speak with Hebinoya.

"...but that's not of importance. After graduation, come work for me. I'll lead you down the path of the mighty."

Something has changed inside me, and before I can properly consider if I should say this to Dad yet, it slips out of me.

"I will not abandon anything, especially her. It's not something that can be easily reversed. It just that..." flashes of my released power and Hebinoya's voice begins to reel back in my mind, "back then, in that moment, I forgot about you. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, whether if it is correct or not, I need to think about it."

Dad doesn't react the way I expect him to. His eyes turn amused and he chuckles, guiding me by my back.

"Come with me. We need to speak more."

As much as I don't want to, I follow Dad down the hallway, the burning desire to talk to Hebinoya more pronounced than ever.

Don't let me go.

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