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The day was pretty normal when Mina woke up. Her dog clawed at her door to get out and go to the bathroom, groggily getting up. Mina opened the door for her dog and threw on a sweater and joggers, grabbing the leash and taking the dog outside to go to the bathroom. As she walked around her neighborhood, it was peaceful. 

When she got back to the apartment, she put food in the dog bowl and freshwater, grabbing her things she headed out for school. She listened to her music on the way, her sweater hood up.

School was alway the same boring and annoying, especially since she didn't have that many friends. She left late that day, as the teacher pulled her aside to talk about graduation.

The road was dark as she walked back to her home, stopping at the convenience store on the way, she walked in and greeted the worker as she frequented the shop. Grabbing a few items and putting them in her basket. 

Looking for her favorite snack when she found it she frowned when she realized she couldn't reach it. 'Damn it. Curse being so short.' she thought. Jumping she tried reaching for it again failing miserably. Huffing she looked around for anyone who could help her.

Seeing a hooded figure down the aisle, she made her way towards them. Tapping the figure on the shoulder, she watched as they turned around, shocked a little. 'He's cute. damn.' Mina thought. "Um, can you help me?" she asked, The boy grunted "No. Go away." he said turning around again. Huffing out in annoyance she grumbled out a 'rude much' and walked back to her snack. Jumping and trying to reach again but failing miserably.

The figure watched for a moment, expressionless as he watched her grumble and stare at the snack. Looking around for anyone watching, he made his way towards Mina reaching over her grabbing the snack she wanted.

Mina turned around shocked to say the least, She stared at him as he handed her the snack. "Thank you..." she said, taking it from the boy. He didn't say anything and started walking away.   

She watched as he retreated out of the store, 'how peculiar.' She thought smiling 'first you say no but then you help anyway, what was the point of saying no then?' she chuckled and walked to the front to pay. As she made it home, she cuddled her dog as she ate and watched movies before falling asleep. 


Ha, no one is going to read this but oh well LMAO

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