46: Right where it started

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       As our car drove swiftly through the highway, surrounded by serene forest on both sides, the birds chirped the morning hymns as it was early in the morning, the cold wintery wind flashing on our faces. Taking a moment to look towards the left, I found her lips curving in an almost smile. But, the sudden ringing of the phone, gained by attention.

There was an incoming call on Aayat's phone, By her mother.

   "Aayat" I called her.

"Hmm?" Her head titled towards me.

"Your phone is beeping." I informed.

"Oh..I didn't notice.." she simply said and then she placed her hand on the front place where mobile was kept and moved it in order to reach the phone but wasn't able to grab it. I was busy driving and didn't realize the phone was still buzzing until she irritatedly huffed.

"What happened?" I asked, by now her hands were harshly attacking across the surface to find the phone.

"What happened is YOU COVERED MY EYES WITH BLIND FOLD THE MOMENT I SAT INSIDE THE CAR BECAUSE OF WHICH I CANNOT FIND MY PHONE AND YOU'RE NOT HELPING MUCH!" She said irritatedly as her cheeks reddened, almost matching the colour of her outfit for the day.

Oh and by the way, she looked absolutely gorgeous in this dress.. I mean she always does but today, she was Looking extra gorgeous.

"MAHIR!" She almost yelled bringing me out of thoughts as I finally grabbed the phone and handed it over to her.

"Thanks.." she said and then picked up the call.

Apparently, I didn't want her to get to know where we were going and wanted to keep it a surprise, that is why I had blind folded her.

"Yeah, yes Ammi.. yes we are on the way.. we will take almost.."

"Mahir, how long will it take to reach us?"

She asked to me to which I replied,
"Just half an hour more."

She informed her mother about it and then kept away the phone.

"Mahir, can I open the blind fold now? My eyes are hurting!" There she goes once more making excuses.

In the journey of 4 hours to our destination,she had asked the same question 7 times.

"Have some patience girl!" I said chuckling while she huffed again and sat while crossing her hands over each other.

Rest of the ride was silent. As I was driving upward on the hill, with frequent turns, she would sway a little with every sudden turn and I would control my urge to laugh. At one point I felt guilty for blind folding her, but at the same time why take a risk and spoil the surprise.

As I reached on the top of hill station and drove towards our hotel, she shivered a little as the cold weather only intensified the moment we reached up there.

And finally, we reached our destination and our car came to a halt.

She had no idea that we had reached so I got down first, I found the chauffeur already outside,

"Morning Mr.Mahir Razaaq."

"Good morning, the luggage is in the car, here are the keys." Saying that, I handed him the keys and he went to take the luggage. Meanwhile I sprinted towards her side and opened the door for her, still she didn't move a little.

Was she asleep?

I smirked as an idea popped up into my mind, I bent a little to come in level till her ears, and than neared towards her ears, her perfume filling into my nostrils,

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