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Qynka and Azelbeth got married! Qannen and Dzzahn reconciled before the wedding, which was super cute and exciting. Qannen mentioned she had something important to tell Dzzahn later. The wedding was amazing, everyone had a fun time, then there was the reception/after party. Daddy and Jorgan_t talked about their plans for killing Qynka and making her the star of the Ghost Show. There was a tribute to Qannen & Qynka's parents (who died suddenly and tragically in an accident years ago), and then a gorgeous spotlight dance for Qannen & Qynka. Then Grobe crashed the party, gave everyone the virus, and attacked Qynka. Smairuhh, Dzzahn, and Qannen rushed in to protect her and in the ensuing melee Dzzahn accidentally shot and killed Qannen before also shooting and killing Grobe. Daddy turned off the zonnys so no one would know what happened, then had the zonnys fly Qannen's body out to his lab.


Some people wake up and try to deal with the aftermath of the wedding. And some people don't. And The Ghost Show starts.



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