"See You Soon" [Results]

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Wattpad Readers and Writers

We’d like to express our thanks from the respective teams of BACommunity and WattpadShortStory for joining us on this lovely musical collaboration. We hope you had as much fun crafting your entries with the songs  as we did in selecting them! 

We appreciate your continued support towards our profiles, but we know you’re not here for nothing.

Below we present to you the winning board of our “See You Soon!” Songfiction! 

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Based on Taylor Swift’s “this is me trying” 
"Buried Under The Mountains" by @BasmahShaikh    


Based on Tate McRae’s “that way”
"See You Soon" by @yowitsoreo

Based on SYML’s “Where’s My Love?”
"Where's My Love?" by @JacianaSuzy

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Congratulations to all the winners!

Please note that for all BACommunity challenges & contests only stand-alone entries will be featured on their flash-fiction feature reading list!

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