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INTEGRATION: Book One of The Equity Trilogy

Noah Engel, the human chosen to represent the Human and Demon Cooperative Peace "Integration" Program, endured months of extensive training, all preparing him for the task of infiltrating Infuri. Most importantly, creating a sense of equality among the differing species.

What he didn't know was the fact that he had a demon bodyguard called Bryce Manz, who not only hated humans, but had actually joined Infuri's army before being assigned the mission of protecting Noah.

Bryce had always had a strong disliking for humans, yet now had to defend the very one who was threatening to alter his life style and perhaps change it forever.

The conflict between humans, demons, and angels was as ancient as the planet itself. The fights and wars had taken millions between both races and now it was time to seek peace. At least, that is what the humans believed.


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