INTEGRATION: Book One of The Equity Trilogy

INTEGRATION: Book One of The Equity Trilogy

Noah Engel, the human chosen to represent the Human and Demon Integration Cooperative Peace "Integration" Program has the task of assuring the effectiveness of the ambitious mission through his own presence among them, defying centuries of pre-conceived assumptions of what is right and wrong. And yet, despite having years of extensive training under his belt, a courageous attitude, and a strong sense of determination to back him up, will that be enough to help him succeed... Or even survive?

And for better or worse, he also has a demon bodyguard called Bryce Manz who not only despises humans, but joined the demon army with the sole intention of fighting them just before they assigned him the job of protecting Noah. Bryce has always had a strong disliking for humans, yet must now defend the very one who was threatening to alter his life style and perhaps change it forever.

With so much at risk for all sides involved, the success of one human could change their futures as they know it.

[The conflict between humans and demons was as ancient as their existence, tracing back if one could see. The fights and wars had taken millions between both races and now it was time to seek peace. Well, at least that's what the humans believed...]

Warning: Violence


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