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“This it, Atsura. If we can pass this audition we can join 00. Good luck, best friend.” Karen said.                                    

“Same to you, BFF.” Atsura smiled.

(Song played: UZA )

kimi wa kimi de aiseba ii
aite no koto wa kangaenakute ii
omou ga mama ni aiseba ii
un ga yokoreba aishi aeru kamo...

Rina’s PoV

As the song is played, we also fight the DES machine. But our selection round is far too different that the previous selection rounds. As the successors are singing we also sing along with them. It’s really difficult because you have to have a strong resistance and spirit.

“Rina… you go to that side. Make sure that everyone there is still alive.” A girl with green hair called me and pointed the other side of the field and told me what to do. I followed her instructions because I think she knows what she was doing. As I arrived in the place she pointed, I saw many girls who are already down.


Seeing them so weak makes me become stronger. I need to survive for the girls who lost.

kizutsuite mo kizutsukete mo
honki de areba aru hodo kidzukanainda
No way

3rd Perosn’s PoV

Tsubasa: Chizuko…Hanakage Chizuko. She has a good combat strategy. Matsuri Rina, just like a festival she have so many unknown skills. She will shine in 00.

*wireless phone ringing*

Tsubasa: What is it?

Girl: Tsubasa-san, Sensei-sensei is making another song!

Tsubasa: What? Right now? I can’t. I’m still here in the selection round. If it will be done, I will immediately go there.

Girl: Okay.

*call ended*

“A new song?”

saisho ni KISU wo shiyou rikutsu yori saki ni
kanjou butsukero yo Do it!
saisho ni KISU wo shiyou kubi ni daki tsuite
sou aisatsu kawari ni...

“ai no imi toka wakatte iru no ka?
yasashisa dake ja hikare wa shinai darou
ai no chikara wo wakatte iru no ka?
mitsume attara subete ubau mono
kanojo nante kankei nai yo
MORARU wo omoidasu tabi ki ushinaunda
Black out” Atsura sang.  Just do your best, Atsura. Make your parents proud. Make your dreams come true. Believe in what you know is true. You can do it.

“saigo ni yume wo miyou kakehiki yori saki ni
PURAIDO sutechimae yo! Do it!
saigo ni yume wo miyou donna kokuhaku datte
sou kotae wa iranainda” For my grandma. For you Mikato. Wait for me. I’m coming to you. Karen said.

They continued firing bullets to the DES (They are being careful, the DES machine that they are fighting with are real.). You can hear shouts of pain, cry, and prayers of the girls.

Uza…Uza…Uza… katte ni
Uza…Uza…Uza… jiyuu ni
Uza…Uza…Uza… kirawareru Monologue

Uza…Uza…Uza… ikinari
Uza…Uza…Uza… Exciting
Uza…Uza…Uza… jibun dake Prologue

uzai yo

kimi wa kimi de aiseba ii
(Uza…Uza…Uza…more closer,
Uza…Uza…Uza…more deeper)

aite no koto wa kangaenakute ii
(Uza…Uza…Uza…offensive monologue)
omou ga mama ni aiseba ii
(Uza…Uza…Uza…more closer,
Uza…Uza…Uza…more wilder)

un ga yokoreba aishi aeru kamo...
(Uza…Uza…Uza…my only prologue)



“AHHHH!” The girls who remained was very tired in fighting. The concert was done as well as the selection round. 9 girls are chosen to be the AKB0048’s 80th generation understudies.

Tsubasa: Congratulations, girls. You pulled that off. Fighting a real DES machine is really hard but the 9 of you survived. You are now the 80th generation understudies. Welcome to 00, Hanakage Chizuko, Matsuri Rina, Sadagawa Yuna, Miyazaki Ran, Sumire Hana, Shinoda Eva, Miyagi Kyori, Iwata Karen, and Fujibayashi Atsura.


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