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Not edited. This is seriously short for obvious reasons. He is yet to be revealed!

In the dark of night with the flickering of a candle a tattered newspaper clipping says it all... and it hurt.

What could possibly excuse someone of the ultimate of betrayals?


A life so different that it was difficult to believe they were one and the same even though he knew that they were.

Yes the press got it wrong at times but this... this was all true. A perfect life, the dreams, the expectations that belonged to others.

They would never be his.

It was remarkable to see the faces he'd studied so many times before in person. The happiness and life they lived twisted his insides like a blade carving out a halloween pumpkin that the Americans celebrate every year.

Did they know who he was? They smiled as they walked past but did they really see him?

Did they understand what this means?

A sigh escaped him as he lent over and blew out the candle before settling down in his sleeping bag under the old weathered bridge. Reaching to his back pack he placed the now folded clipping into the side pocket.

He closed his eyes and thought of what was and what should have been as a lone tears slipped down his face towards his ear.

Nothing would change the direction that his life had taken. He was only too aware that being concealed had consequences.

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