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cyanwasnotimposter1 commented:
Is it just me or is this whole vid feel kinda...awkwardd??? 

jasonwasfound commented:
did they have an argument or something before recording??? i feel like they're mad at each other lol

sansthesklton commented:
maybe they were tired or something? still a good video tho, the ending had my cheeks clenched😤😤

technosimp420 commented:
dream seems kinda sad when he talks to gogy :(

chase1atlantic commented:
Yall are reading WAY too much into this. the vid seemed perfectly normal to me, yall need to stop prying into their lives and making all these dumb assumptions.

The comments were endless. Despite his mind's constant protests, George's tired eyes couldn't help but continue to flick through the endless comment section. 

Dream had released the manhunt video a few hours ago. When rewatching it, the editing was as good as ever; there was tense music, chase scenes, and a nail-biting fight at the end, but even George had to admit that the fans were right. Something about the video just

The normal chemistry among friends felt jaded, and George wasn't stupid; he knew why. Ever since that stupid night at the wedding, things between Dream and himself had been wrong. It wasn't all that bad at first; it was easy to avoid each other in the house when they both had PC's to entertain themselves in their rooms. But when it had come to recording that video, forced to hold a constant interaction with each other, it was a trainwreck.

In fact, their awkwardness seemed to be contagious. Sapnap and Bad were happy and chatty in the beginning, but by the end, Dream and George had somehow managed to infect them with the same awkward energy. It was all the perfect storm for a coltish video.

A horrible pit began to form in his stomach; what if things never returned to how they were? What if he had truly fucked up their entire decades' worth of friendship over a kiss

He groaned, forcing himself to turn off his phone in an effort to save some of his declining sanity. Maybe if he didn't think about it, the problem would magically go away on its own. He let out a sardonic laugh, I thought the same thing about my bulimia, too. And look where I am now. 

George attempted to distract himself by scrolling through Reddit and Tik Tok, but both activities were quick to grow boring. 

Despite having no true hunger, there was a small voice in the back of his mind, incessantly nudging at him to eat. He was alone in the house. Dream had left earlier to pick up Sapnap from the airport (George was tired and didn't want to deal with the awkward silence of the road trip, so he elected to stay home) so he had the house all to himself.

Damn it. All it took was that one thought to pop into his head, and all of a sudden, his mind was screaming at him to ransack the cabinets and consume everything in proximity. He chewed on his nails, (a habit he had picked up from watching Dream do it so many times) and stared at the door of his bedroom.

I want to eat. He stood up. His feet seemed frozen in place. Fuck. I can't eat, I'll binge and then have to throw it up. He sat back down. But it's what I've always done, what's one more time gonna do? After everything I've been through, I deserve to eat anything I want. 

He stood back up, walking down the stairs in a trance-like state. 

The kitchen menacingly stared at him as he sauntered to the first floor. His mouth began to water, and his stomach rumbled in a low growl.

If I'm quick enough, I can eat whatever I want and throw it up before Dream and Sapnap get home. George bargained with himself as he mechanically opened the fridge. His eyes glossed over the entire selection of food; everything looked so good. 

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