Chapter 2

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I turn to see where the tainted laid. A few jocks were poking at the tainted, "Dude it's nasty", one of them said. I start to walk towards them, until the tainted moved. The bloody arm shot up, and grabbed a boy. He ripped him down fast, and took a bite about of his arm. It all happened so fast I couldn't process it. The boy fell to the ground and screamed in pain, that's when Kat ran in. I hurry and grabbed her, and held her behind me. The boy's whole body shook and his eyes shot open. They were blood red, and his body slowly turned to a greenish color. Kat screamed, the now infected boy's head shot up and stared us down.Within a minute Kat and I were in a room with four tainted. Since Kat was much shorter than me I hid her behind my back. They all looked at us with their blood red eyes. I hurry and reach for the gun, putting a few bullets in each. They all fall to the ground.

I take a deep breathe and set down the gun. We head towards the door, until we hear loud growls. I turn around to see the tainted standing up, with blood rushing out of their bullet wounds. The ground around them was crimson red. "Go!", I yell as they start to run at us. We make it out the door and I slam it shut. I hold the door shut as i fight against the tainted's pull. "How did that not kill them?" Kat yells. I shake my head, I look over to see Sayler running towards us. "How bad?", she asks. "Four tainted, I shot each of them at least three times", I say as the tainted's pull gets harder to fight. "Have you every watched the force network. You have to take off their heads in order to kill them." Sayler says annoyed. "What?! How!?!" Kat screams. I reach down to grab my knife out of my back pocket. As I try my grip slips on the handle, and the door flies open. The tainted looks at us with his blood-red eyes, his mouth slightly open with blood dripping out of it. We all back up until we hit the wall. He limps towards us as I jump at him with my knife. I stab my knife into his neck. After I struggle for a minute his head comes off. Kat screams at the sight and faints. I kneel down by Kat and try to wake her up. 

"Michael more!" Sayer yells. I look up to see the rest of the tainted focusing their attention on us. I grab my knife and tighten my grip. "Michael, you idiot, you can't take on all of them." Sayler says to me. I hurry and shut the door before they can get out. "Then what should we freaking do?!?" I yell as a tainted breaks through the glass part of the door. "Run", Sayler yells. I pick up Kat and fling her on my shoulder. "Go to the wood-shop room", I yell as the tainted chase us. I set Kat in a closet and lock it up. Sayler and I run over to the tools; she grabbed a hand saw and I grabbed a hammer. "You knock them out, and I'll get their head", Sayler whispers. I run towards the tainted and hit them in the head. Sayler follows behind me, sawing off their heads. 

I take a deep breath and set my arm on her shoulder. "We just slaughter three tainted," I say out of breath. She smirks, "we deserve an award of some kings." We hear a banging and both jump, until we realize it was Kat. I walk over to the closet and let Kat out. "You guys okay?", she says as she gives me a hug. "Yeah we're good. We killed all three tainted." Her smile quickly fades. "Wait there was four tainted". Sayler throws her head back, and grabs her saw. "Lets go zombie hunting." I laugh and grab my hammer.

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