Chapter 6

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Time skip ~ 1 week

Destiny's POV

It's been a week since I went off on Bella. She has been avoiding me like the plague, but I'm not complaining. I've gotten closer to the Cullens and Tyler is practically my bestfriend now. Emmett and Rosalie told me I'm their third mate. That having a third mate is rare and that I'm classified as the important mate.


Emmett and Rosalie asked to take me to a restaurant. Said they have to tell me something so here I am in the backseat of Emmett's Jeep on the way to a restaurant in Port Angeles. They told me to dress nice so I'm wearing this.

We get there and Emmett opens mine and Rosalie's door

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We get there and Emmett opens mine and Rosalie's door. We walk in and up to the hostess.

"Reservation for Cullen." Emmett tells the hostess.

"Right this way." The hostess directs walking off.

She takes us to an excluded part of the restaurant. We sit down and she leaves. Soon the waiter comes to take our drink orders.

"Hello my name is Blake. What would you guys like to drink?" The waiter asks while staring at me. I don't pay him any attention though.

"Can I have a sprite please?" I ask finally looking at him.

"Sure beautiful." Blake said while staring back lustfully.

I heard Rosalie and Emmett growl lowly. I quickly grabbed Rosalie's hand, her being closer to me, and she calmed down. Emmett was still growling making the waiter uncomfortably clear his throat.

He then turned to Rosalie and when he saw her he began staring again. I then felt anger boiling up inside of me for some reason. Now me and Emmett are growling at the ignorant waiter. Rosalie squeezed my hand and I stopped growling.

"Can you stop fucking staring and take our damn order." I practically growled at him.

Little did I know Emmett and Rosalie were smirking at me while I glared at the waiter.

The waiter snapped out of it and started stuttering, "Y-yeah s-sorry about th-that. Um what would you two like to drink."

"We'll have the same as her." Emmett replied now glaring slightly at the waiter.

"Ok. Two sprites. I will be back with your drinks in a few." Blake said nervously and fast walked away.

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