Chapter Eighteen - Two's A Party

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Chapter Eighteen – Two's A Party

You'll be the beat in my heart when there is none. You'll be the air in my lungs when my breath is done. You'll be the tears I can't cry when you're weeping. You're my only reason to keep on sleeping.

-Little Hurricane

"Oh my goodness, Sam! You have to try this one. It's birthday cake flavoured. Mmm." Christine slurred picking up a stray bottle of Iced Cake Smirnoff. "I think I died and went to heaven." She took a greedy sip of the vodka that she had poured into an empty red solo cup.

Emily crinkled her nose; she was nursing her only can of Somersby for the night. She had decided to suck it up and take on the designated driver responsibilities this time. "That stuff still tastes gross even with the flavour. I don't know what she's talking about."

"She's drunk." I giggled, feeling a little tipsy myself. I hadn't drunk nearly as much as Christine but I did have my fair share of Captain Morgan rum mixed with Coca-Cola.

Christine chugged the cup and tried pouring herself another but Emily stopped her. "Enough, Chris. You're going to black out."

"I don't care!" Christine spun around on the heels of her pink Steve Maddens. Her dress twirled around her fashionably, showing off the top of her thigh-high socks.

Emily groaned, "I can't handle this."

"Then don't." Judson appeared behind her, a carefree smile on his lips. "Come dance with me, Em."

Emily looked uncertain but I gave her a gentle push. "Go. Christine will be fine." I reassured her. "Have fun."

Emily's blue eyes locked with my grey ones and she smiled softly. Fixing the collar of her blouse quickly, she put herself together to dance with Judson. "Okay, yeah." She agreed taking his hand and letting him escort her to the dance floor. I smiled after them glad they had found each other here.

"They are so cute!" Christine watched them go too. "I wish I were cute. But no I'm just a lonely, single nobody." She pouted.

"That's not true." I smiled at her supportively, "You have me."

"I do, don't I?" She looked at me in content. "I'm so glad you moved here, Sam. You're like the third piece to our puzzle." She gave me a hug. "And you have an in with the Charlens which is like super cool!"

I wondered if it would be horrible of me to ask her about her feelings for Ashton and/or Terry now. Clearly she was drunk and far beyond the lands of her best judgement but I wasn't sure if she'd ever tell me the truth if she were sober. Besides, I wasn't exactly the poster child of sobriety right now, either. "Hey, Chris?"


"What's with your beef with Meagan?"

She grimaced at the sound of her name. "UGH! I hate her. Thank God I haven't seen her yet, or I would have slugged that bitch."

"Why though?" I urged.

"She stole Terry from me." She pouted. "He and I were almost dating when she transferred to Teakwood and then all of a sudden it was Meagan this and Meagan that. Ugh, he was like infatuated or something."

It didn't seem like Terry to bounce from one girl to the other, though. "I can't believe Terry would do that to you."

"It wasn't exactly his fault... Well, yeah it was. But Meagan was such a try-hard. She started flirting with him the second she set eyes on him. And on her second week of school, she invited him over and they had sex! Can you believe that? She was such a slut but he started dating her anyway."

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