Chapter 2

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Erik's POV

I can't take this anymore. I could never take it. 13 years. I haven't seen my Christine in 13 years. I need her to live. I was so stupid to leave her! I left her because I was scared. I didn't think she would love me. Of course she loved me! I could see it in her eyes. She loved me and I left her. I need her. I slam my hands down on the keys of my piano producing an awful sound. Over the past 13 years I have become very successful with Phantasma. Non of that mattered to me, it is of little importance because I don't have the one thing I want, no, the one thing I need. Christine. She will be mine once again, no matter what it takes. She always has been mine, it's time everyone knew that. There was a knock at my office door. "Come in" I said frustrated.

"Sir, a letter from Paris just arrived for you." One of my assistants said. I quickly shot up and snatched the letter. I tore it open and felt tears coming to my eyes when it said that my Christine was coming to me. She arrived tomorrow. I quickly shooed my assistant so they don't see me in this state. I send for people to clean every inch of the park, and to have the best suit in the hotel set up for my Christine. Then I go to my piano. Over these long 13 years I have had no muse and I couldn't compose to my full ability. Finally everything was falling into place and I began composing an aria. It took almost 6 hours, but I finally had the perfect song for my Christine to sing. Then she will be mine. I smile at the thought of her being by my side again. Nothing can stand in our way.

Suddenly Madam Giry and Meg burst into my office. I give an annoyed and frustrated sigh. "Can I help you?" I ask annoyed.

"Erik what is happening?" Madam Giry questions.

"She's returning." I say softly. I hear a gasp come from Meg and I look up to see that both of their faces are pale.

"You can't be serious!" Madam Giry shouts at me. "She left you Erik! You have to move on!" I become angry.

"I do what I want! She is coming and there is no stopping that!" I say agitated.

"Erik it's been 13 years! She moved on from you!" I become even more angry and scream for them to leave. They know my temper can get out of hand. They don't know about that night before Christine was to married. They don't know that she begged to stay with me. They don't know that I am the one to blame that she isn't here by my side today. But that was all about to change.

Meg's POV

I can't believe this. Christine is coming to Phantasma! This can't happen! I've worked way to hard to have her come and ruin my plans! I've grown quite fond of Erik, ever since mother and I smuggled him out of Paris. I have tried so hard to get his attention, but he's always to busy crying over Christine. I had to get rid of her before they fell for each other again. But how...?

Christine's POV

The boat has finally docked and we walk off the boat only to be greeted with several photographers and reporters asking us questions. Gwen's eyes widen and she backs up slowly. I quickly grab her hand and pull her through the crowd, Raoul close behind. Gwen isn't used to this many people around. Once we are away from that madness we are greeted by people who work at Phantasma and they escorted us to the park. It screamed Erik. I kept telling myself that Erik wouldn't be here and I began to believe myself, but now I knew he had to be here. Gwen looked around, fully entranced by the strange things around us.

"What do you think Gwen?" I ask softly. Her eyes are bright with wonder. She opens her mouth.

"I-I-I-.... It's all.... Um..." She stutters. I look at her sympathetically.

"Why do you bother asking? She can't answer." Raoul says coldly. I glare at him then hug Gwen.

"Do you think it's beautiful?" I ask. She nods and I smile.

"So strange yet beautiful." She whispers. I know there is so much more she is thinking but she just can't say it.

We are led up to our hotel room and Gwen immediately races to the piano. It has music on it. She grabs it then heads to her room. She knows she can't play while Raoul's around. I never told her why, but she doesn't question. I sigh as she shuts herself away again.

"I'm going to the bar" Raoul says grabbing his coat.

"Raoul, please" I beg

"Please what?!" He snaps. " this is a retched place and I don't want to be here! Now I'm going to get a drink." And with that he was gone. As soon as the door closes Gwen comes running out and gracefully sits at the piano with the music. She begins playing, and it is so beautiful. After a few notes Gwen stops and wrinkles her nose.

"Out of tune." She states. That's not like Erik to let a piano be out of tune. That gave me some hope, perhaps he isn't here after all. "I'm going to go draw." She says then walks out. I sigh. Sometimes I just feel so alone. I decide to sit and read. It was getting late, and I would head to bed soon.

After a few minutes of reading I heard a loud crash. I jumped up, frightened to death and looked around. My eyes fell on the balcony doors as the swung open revealing the one person I really didn't want to see. Erik.

I prayed Gwen didn't hear the crash, Erik couldn't know about her. He took a step word me, and I took a step back. I was speechless I didn't know what to say. He kept advancing towards me, and I kept backing up. I gasped when my back hit the wall. He smirked knowing he had me cornered.

"W-what are you doing here." I stutter.

"I'm Mister Y." He says then holds up his arms at his sides. "Surprise." He says with another smirk. Tears brim my eyes.

"W-why would you do this to me..." I look away from him. "You gave me up." I whisper. His eyes soften and he lifts my chin so that I'm looking at him.

"I came to take what is mine." He said, making the fear inside me grow. "I was stupid enough to let you go. I was scared Christine. But now I know that I really can't be without you. I need you. Even heaven would be hell without you." He says. I shake my head and walk away from him.

" you can't just come back 13 years later and expect me to drop everything to be with you." I say, my back to him.

"I know you love me. I'm not leaving without you Christine. I need you in my life." I shake my head and walk out onto the balcony, Erik close behind.

"You ended our story and let go a long time ago." I whispered. He shakes his head and has longing an sadness in his eyes.

"Christine please." He says softly. I yearned for his touch and I desperately wanted to give into him. But I can't.

"Erik you let me die every day for 13 years." I cry. He comes and wraps his arms around my waist. I try to break away but his grip is to strong.

"I've died everyday without you too Christine. Which is why we need each other." He says. I'm about to speak when the sound of the piano comes from the living room. My face pales as Erik looks down at me with a questioning look. He lets go of me and starts walking inside.

"Erik no" I say grabbing his arm but he shakes me off. He walks in and his eyes widen at the girl sitting playing the piano. She turns around revealing her striking features and Erik's golden eyes. He takes a few steps back, eyes still wide.

"I tuned it mama." she says with a smile. She then looks curiously at Erik.

"Gwen," I say nervously. "This is mister Y." She looks fully entranced by Erik, and I look at him and he has the same look as Gwen. I could feel the instant connection between them.

"Hello" she says softly. He nods once, acknowledging what she said.

"Gwen, why don't you go to your room." I say and she gets up to leave. While she leaves her hair swishes to the side revealing her scars. I look up at Erik, terrified. He saw. Oh god.

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