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Your POV
Timing 12:30 p.m

We all parted our ways to do our assigned part, though we have a proper plan but still there is lot to do, and lot yet to be planned. To know who that person who was helping her, and than to hack his computer. This is gonna be a hectic day.

I and Taehyung were making our way to the back gate as we couldn't leave from the front gate.

Taehyung get in the car, I just have to make a phone call.

And without any argument he went inside, I felt really bad looking at him this depressed. If he would be in his usual sense, he would like never get in without having a argument. I sighed and proceed to make a call.

I was talking to the person who would arrange the keys to byeols flat!


Phone conversation

Hey! It's y/n..

Oh! Yeah, wook told that you would call!

Hah, I want to ask about the arrangement of the key!

Mmm its done, were should I give it to you.

I'll be around her flat in 15 minutes, can I get it directly there.

Fine, I'll meet you there.


End of phone conversation

After that I quickly got into the car and he was sitting looking out the window. I wish all this mess get cleared and he will go back to his regular self.

When he saw me get in, he just forced a smile. I sighed for 100th time, why is he behaving like this. This is so fucking odd.

Tae: Who were you speaking to?

Huh finally he spoke, I thought I should deal with his dramatic ass the whole ride.

I was arranging for the keys!

Tae: Keys? What keys..

I looked at him with a weird expression.

Keys to byeols house, how were you planning to get in then!

Tae: Obviously, by the window.

I chuckled at his stupidness.

You should stop watching those cliche thriller movie's.

Tae: Why?

Because, byeol lives in a 12 floor building, where her flat is in the 8th floor. How can we break in there by a window? Do you think we are spiderman or something.

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