So.......what do we do Now?

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Bakugou slowly wakes up,yawning as he does so. God, I haven't had a good night sleep in a while. Bakugou feels some unknown weight on his arms. He looks down to see two sleeping children in his arms. He sigh as he remember the events that happened the previous night. Bakugou slowly sets the sleeping children down on the floor. He quietly maneuvers himself and grabs a blanket. He cover them up before finally standing up. 

Bakugou look outside their home to see that it was the crack of daylight, which means its about 5 in the morning. Its a perfect time to walk around the city. Nobody should be awake at such a time. Bakugou walked back to the sleeping children and crouched down, softly shaking Jimen. "hmm,"Jimen said as she shifted her body. "You could go back to sleep after this. I just wanted to tell you that I'll be gone for a couple of hours. I don't want y'all to think I abandon you or some shit." Jimen open her eyes and stared at Bakugou for a couple of seconds before nodding. Bakugou smile at her before she went back to sleep. 

He got up and walked out of the home. He breath in some fresh air before heading towards the city. He followed the trees he had mark with burnt marks. Soon enough he was met with an empty street. Bakugou tried to be as  inconspicuous as he can be. While he was wandering around, he eventually had found himself in a alley. There was a bag of discarded clothing beside the dumpster. Bakugou looked through it. He had found his findings quiet valuable. Bakugou grabbed some black sweatpants that had a tear inside the pocket and a lightly stained orange hoodie from the bag. He quickly changed from the hero training uniform he has been wearing since his......'death',  into his new clothes. He search some more, in the bag to find a more than worn out beanie, but it will do. He puts that on his head as well as the hood of his new hoodie. He was satisfied with how he look for now. If he was to run into someone, they wouldn't initially recognized him, so that was a plus.

 Bakugou put his hero training uniform into the bag. He grabbed the bag and emerged from the shadows of the alley. He looked around to make sure nobody was near before retracing his steps back to the forest. Luckily it was still to early so there wasn't anyone on the streets. Bakugou walked back to the house. Using the marked tree as a map that would lead him there. Once he found his home, he entered. He found seeing the kids eat the last of the salad they had for the week. 

"Hey," Bakugou said before setting the bag down. "Oh, hey," Jimen said with a full mouth.  Mizu just smiled before going back to eating. "Whats in the bag," Jimen questioned. Pointing her finger at the bag. "Look in it yourself brat," Bakugou replied before walking over and preparing what was ever left of the salad on his less than sanitary plate. Bakugou heard Jimen murmur a whatever before walking to the bag. She looked in the bag. Shock could be seen on her face. "Where the hell you get these."  "Found them by a dumpster,"Bakugou said bluntly. "Holy shit, Mizu come here." Mizu stopped his eating and walked to Jimen. He looked in the bag. A mix of shock and joy on his face. Jimen look through the bag, grabbing gods know what. Once she finished, she handed some clothes to Mizu. Mizu nodded before exiting the house. I assume he was going behind the house where our makeshift toilet(which was just a really deep hole in the ground)was. Jimen looked through the bag some more before finding some clothes for herself. Jimen exit the home as well.

Bakugou enjoyed the last of his salad. As soon as he was done, two kids enter the home. Mizu had a smile on his face. He obviously loved the outfit. He had a light pink sweater on with a cat on it. Matched with some black jeans and a pair of boots. I guess there was more in that bag than I thought, Bakugou said in his head as he switch his focus to Jimen. Jimen wore a peach sweater. It had no print. It was matched with grey jeans and white worn out runner shoes.

"You guys look nice,"Bakugou said. "I can say the same back to you,"Jimen said before taking a seat in front of Bakugo. Mizu following suit. Mizu quickly picked up his fork and continued eating his food. "Thanks, but now that one problem has be solved another one has arisen," Bakugou said. His face a mix between annoyance and relief. "...And exactly what is the other problem,"Jimen questioned before continuing to finish the small amount of salad she had left. "You think we can live off of tree leaves and mushrooms all winter,"Bakugou said. Giving Jimen that 'you absolute dumb ass' face. "Well no, but we can always go fishing."   "Do you know how to fucking fish." "Also no, but you can always teach us. I assume you know much about surviving in the wilderness."  "Obviously, it came with the territory of being-."  Bakugou cut himself off. "Being what?,"Jimen question. Now curious about what he was about to say. "Nothing",Bakugou sighed sadly,"Winter is coming so the river would just freeze over. It would be stupid to teach y'all how to fish if you can't put it to use."  "Okay whats your plan then,"Jimen said in a sarcastic tone. Bakugou sighed once more and in a serious manner said",get a job."


Can Bakugou get a job, we'll find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

word count:962

Hope you enjoyed


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