Open wounds

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{1 Month time skip Brought to you by thicc Iida}


Its been a month with these brats, and it haven't been all to bad. But its getting cold and based on our living situation, we won't last a week in winter. I need to get a job or something to pay for get the stuff we need to last the winter. But I don't know how to, especially when I look like I did the day of my...... 'death'. 

"You okay,"said Jimen.   "Yeah, just thinking, "I said as I took another bite of my mushroom salad that was made earlier this week.    "About what," ask Jimen as she also took a bite from her salad. Mizu was intently listening as we converse.   "Its getting cold out there so I'm gonna need money to pay for some new clothes and blankets and other shit."    "That doesn't sound that hard."    "Its not, but the problem is that people think I'm dead."    "Dead?"  "Yeah, complicated story. Don't want to talk about it."    "Oh, okay." Jimen nodded her head in agreement. 

Even though I have been living with these kids for the past month, I don't know much about their situation and they don't know much about mines. All we do know about each other is our names and our quirks. We have some what bonded in this past month from the secrets we don't dare share. 

"Can you tell me a little about your parents, specifically your dad."  "Why?"   "I need a disguise and to the best way for us to go under the radar in public,is to look like your dad." "Oh, I guess that make sense. Well our mom is a African American women, with a bronze skin complexion that shined and had the most beautiful brown eyes that sparkled in the sun. She also had the most luscious curly black locks." "The way you describe your mother, makes her sound beautiful." "I can't deny, our mother was a beautiful woman, but she was ugly in the inside. No she wasn't just ugly in the inside, she was fucking ROTTEN. That bitch was and will always be horrible." Jimen voice cracks slightly as she finishes her sudden, but quick rant. Her eyes getting watery. It looked like she was trying not to cry, but her brother on the other hand was silently crying himself a river. 

Bakugou walks over to the two kids. " Y'know it's okay to cry,"he said to Jimen before engulfing the kids into a hug. From those words alone, Jimen sobbed into the arms of Bakugou. The two kids crying away all the feelings that were probably there even before he met them. Bakugou was never good at emotions, but if he knew one thing, its that not crying the tears you need to and speaking the words you want to say, its gonna bite you in the ass in the future. "We can talk about this later then,"Bakugou quietly whispered before continuing to sway slowly. The kids still in his grasp. Soon the kids drifted to sleep, leaving Bakugou to his thoughts as the two kids rest in his arms. 

God, I see much of me in them. Especially in Jimen. I don't want them to end up on the same road I was on. They have such a bright future ahead of them and i'm gonna show them it. Tears threaten to spill as he rethinks the past couple of months. "No matter what, I will not let you two become me,"Bakugou whispered as he lightly squeeze the kids in his arms. Slow tears roll down Bakugou's face as he too succumbs to his emotional and physical exhaustion.


Bakugou has emotions? :o

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