|Chapter 1| dear diary...

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Hi everyone, I apologise if there are and spelling errors, grammar mistakes etc. If you see any please comment so I can change it :) hope you enjoy my story <3

Dear diary,
Today is our end of summer pool party at my step-dads house. Me and Mel have just gotten our new bikinis, mines a 2 piece red bikini that ties up at the backend Mel's is the same but dark green. I am gonna straighten my hair and then put a jumper overtop until people start to show up. A few weeks back I was waking up early because me Tyler and Mel were going to the beach, and I saw something strange out of the window. It was a continuous blur in the shape of a... it's either human or animal but I can't tell what it is. Anyways, after that goes buy I see our new next door neighbors door open and close on its own. I'm not stalking it's just our houses are facing each other so it's practically impossible to look out the window without catching a glimpse at his house. Sometimes I people watch out of the window and I 'accidentally' look into his window, but I don't stalk him. He look our age but there's something mysterious about him and I can't quite figure out what that is. Anyways party starts in an hour, I'll write later.


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