Cherry's Fall - Murder's Everlasting Call

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Edited for grammar and spelling by QueenShamwow.

By: AnimeMiniNina

Dedicated to a disperance of a friend


It was way back then in the age of the unimaginable. It all seems like a dream, a faint memory. I remember being surrounded by the songs of the golden touched birds and the laughter of my friends. The cherry blossoms were in bloom and floods of colorful roses covered the hills. On top of the highest hill, though, was the breathtaking view. A glimmering, swift waterfall and roses that go farther than the eye can see. Shimmering golden gates bordered the Kingdom, a jeweled palace far back, and in the middle, a strange tree. The tree was a mixture of an apple blossom and a cherry tree. Cherries grew on it. So did apples and sweet strawberries.  But it looked like a cherry blossom. Even the fresh scent was the exact same as a cherry blossom. And in the background was a soft brilliant pink and violet color, painted across the sky. But I was not able to keep it that way. I failed to protect my dearest desires. My heart has never been unlocked since then, since my 1st birthday. Never again shall I open it, nor will I dare let the devil get to me. I am the last pure heir to The Land of Peace. I shall reunite it one day... One day...

Chapter One: Meeting With Meaning

As I walked down the endless, rock road, I heard a faint rustling sound in the nearby bushes. As it got louder, I panicked. I quickly ran for what seemed like forever. I was not paying attention to where I was running; I was only driven by the noise that taunted me. Soon the sound grew faint. I did not slow down fast enough; I crashed into a boy with honeysuckle hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. The boy looked down at me.

"Hey, are you ok?" Words would not escape my mouth. "HELLO?"

"Hi." The words dropped like stones. Plop, plop, boom, bang.

"ARE you okay?"

"Yes. I am very sorry, I was not looking."

"No problem. By the way, I am Yu. Who are you?"

"I am Mai," I said. I was so nervous. It had been a long time since I had said this much to another person. From behind us I heard another person's voice echo.

"Hey, dude. Where were you back there?" a freckled boy asked. "Huh? Who's the girl?"

"Her name is Mai. We ran into each other." Yu's voice was sharp. "Any more questions, Lee?" Yu continued to talk in his sharp tone. It scared me a bit.

"No," Lee answered back. As we walked along, we were silent. I did not know what to say. Lee was the first to shatter the silence.

"Where are you from, Mai?"

"I travel a lot. I do not really live in one area."

Then Yu decided to ask the next. "So what town did you last come from?"

"Marai Countryside." I replied. "Why?"

"N-n-no reason..." His cheeks turned a bit like the color of a rose then.

Now it was Lee's turn to speak up. "So you do not have a place to stay? We have to report this to the Madarin."

"What's the Madarin?"

"It's what we call our ruler here."

"Can you give me some history on this place?"

"Well, Yu and I are Ninja Mirrors (they just call them ninjas). We each are born with a special power and use it for good. Everyone has a power. Even you, but not all people are ninjas. About ½ are."

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