"Is that what you call it, I was merely flirting. Is that wrong?" Aidan followed Duncan.

"She was turning the color of a rose, t'is a miracle she did not faint dead away at your feet." Duncan turned to eye his devilish brother.

He knew his brother very well, and he knew that his brother had a reputation for his frequent trysts in the budoir.

"If I would have turned my back, you would have pounced her right there," Duncan accused.

Aidan appalled looked at Duncan.

"I do not pounce, I woo." Aidan corrected.

As they continued up the long flight of stairs. A bundle of sheets and clothing bumbled down the stairs before them.

"Good Morn M'lords." Came the tiny voice as feet continued to feel for the steps.

"Hilde!" Duncan rushed up to help the small women.

"What on earth are you trying to do.?" Aidan insisted on helping her.

"Nay m'lords I will handle it," She refused sternly.

Duncan watched the sweet old laundress being stubborn as always, continue down the steps carefully.

"Hilde, where is father?" Duncan asked before turning up the stairs.

"He is in his solar with Liora the seer." Hilde explained disappearing through the entrance doors.

Aidan knew his brother did not like that bit of news. Holding his brothers arm, he gave a warning look.

"Do not do anything drastic, Duncan" Aidan stared at his brother.

"Aye, I will remember that when I toss out that crazy woman on her arse," Duncan threatened taking two steps at a time.

It seems as if lately since his father has been ill, that crazy woman comes here to addle his wits.

"Yew sticks .Seer." He snorted.

"If she is what she claims, she would know I was coming to throw her out of here," Duncan pointed up to the study.

"No one in the keep cares anymore?" He fumed.

Walking towards the door Aidan followed.

Breathing deeply he entered with Duncan quietly.

"Aye, the moon will cover the sun and t'will be dark for one whole day." She raised her hands up towards the ceiling.

Ardolf looked up in the direction of her hands. Leaning forward at the edge of his chair, he swallowed hard.

"What else? Will there be happiness." He questioned.

"Not if you fall off your chair father." Came the familiar voice from a dark corner in the study.

Turning around Ardolf watched his sons come closer.

"How many times father have we asked you not to do this." Duncan stood between the table and his father.

"But, she says". Before the fragile old Lord could continue, Duncan turned around and leaned dangerously close to the old woman.

"Madam your services here, are done." Duncan's voice alone gave a warning.

Grey eyes like swords glared at her.

"Aidan, please accompany the madam to the door," Duncan asked.

"And, please do not step another foot here unless you are summoned by me to do so." Duncan added.

The short old woman walked out the door, Aidan followed.

"Wait I am not done," Ardolf argued.

"Aye, you are father, this is nonsense," Duncan boomed out.

"I paid my coin for this service and I say she stays," The old man huffed pounding his walking stick.

Sighing he leaned against the table and crossed his arms in front of his broad chest.

"Father, I do not want to argue with you," Duncan pleaded.

"Then don't," Grey eyes peered back at him.

"I may be a sickly old man, but, I am still your sire," Ardolf pointed a boney finger at Duncan.

Ardolf, a strong warrior of his time who was undefeatable and strong, now he was being defeated by his own son. Both cut from the same cloth he mused, he stared at a younger Ardolf before him.

"Father, have you eaten?" Duncan looked at his father with a soft look.

"Don't change the subject," Ardolf glowered.

Looking at his father he could see how much he upset him, it was a constant argument between them as of late. He could not see eye to eye with his father. Deep down inside he felt he must out of respect and duty honor his father's decisions. But, he just could not sit back and watch his father get all excited about the ridiculus machinations of some crazy old woman.

"Aye, father I had no right, but, I do not like her being here. She can't be doing you any good," Duncan pressed on.

"She speaks the truth," Ardolf insisted.

Sighing Duncan turned towards the curtains that darkened the study. Blinking back the bright light he turned to look at his father.

"What truths father?" He breathed hard walking over to the table shaking his head he blew out the now melted candles that burned down to small slits of light nearly close to the table.

"Of what is to come." Ardolf's eye widened as he imitated Liora's habit of pointing up in the air.

"When has her predictions ever come true, father." Duncan questioned leaning against the table to face his father.

"Oh it is useless talking to you. You are as stubborn as your mother," Ardolf huffed.

"I know old man," Duncan chuckled.

"Let us go have supper, father,"

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