Chapter 2

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England 1245

Grey eyes stared intently at the old woman sitting before him.

"Aye, I see a lot of great danger here," The ragged voice explained.

"Danger?" Ardolf asked swallowing hard.

"Aye, and sorrow." The old woman continued with a sad look as she looked at the yew stix on the table.

"What else do ye see?" Ardolf pressed on.

Worry now creased his brow as she went on.

"T'would pass on a very windy day, the darkest clouds would cover the sky, and t'will rain like it never has before." She read.

"Aye, go on," Ardolf leaned closer.

Looking at the yew stix, he watched her lean back.

The seer closed her eyes a while.


Walking from the courtyard along with his brother, they entered the greathall. Duncan looked around to see that the tables were being prepared for the evening meal.

"Moira's food smells delicious." he sniffed.

Sniffing as well Aidan agreed with a nod.

"Erwina!" Duncan called out.

Quickly a young girl popped out of the kitchen doors, brushing flour off her skirt she approached Duncan with a brisk curtsy. Huge round eyes stared at the Tall dark and handsome Lord.

"Aye, M'lord." the small voice answered.

"Erwina, please send a warm bath up to my chamber." The baritone voice of Duncan crawled up her spine.

"Aye, M'lord," She nodded.

Before she could turn, Aidan called her.

"And what about me, Erwina?" Aidan looked at the beautiful girl with sensual grin.

Watching the pretty young girl fumble and fidget. Those huge blue eyes stared at green devilish eyes.

She had blonde flaxen curls tucked under a cap, petite form and creamy soft skin he wanted so desperately to touch.

"Milord?" She asked confused. Unable to keep her eyes on the Adonis that stood before her. As well as the breathe taking older brother next to him, Lord Duncan.

"Are you not going to ask if I need a warm bath?" Aidan questioned in a flirtatious tone.

His voice alone sent shivers up her spine. Glancing up at him, long dark golden hair rested on his stone etched shoulders, lightly bronzed skin stretched over pure muscle and his taut body. He had light green eyes she would have sworn twinkled with mischief as she quickly averted her eyes from his hungry gaze.

Breathing hard with a crimson colored face, she sputtered.

"Forgive me Milord, I will bring one for you as well."

She turned immediately walking quickly to the kitchen, thanking all the saints above that she did not swoon.

It has been a little over a year since Aidan returned after serving the king, he returned. Now a true knight she always felt uneasy around the handsome devil, she must stay away from him no matter what.

"Why do you do that?" Duncan laughed regarding his brother.

"Do What?" Aidan asked innocently.

"You were tormenting her." Duncan chuckled walking up the stairs.

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