Chapter Twenty Eight-"Lanter, is that you?"

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~Dedicated to all those who have ever felt like giving up and bursting into tears~

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Chapter Twenty Eight-"Lanter, is that you?"

Anyone else would have been excited or in the least bit nervous about staying over at their father’s home for the first time. I on the other hand was more nervous about my big date with Dave. Ever since Dave had asked me out on the date, I couldn’t help but feel nervous and sick at the same time. Nervous because it was a date with Dave the guy I had been dating for almost over a month and sick because I still wasn’t sure what was going on between Sean and I. I mean, what were we, friends with benefits?

Another problem was the fact that Amanda was showing way too much interest in Dave to be ‘sisterly’ and after a thorough conversation with Juliet while she plucked her eyebrows and applied her famous avocado face mask to my face, I came to a conclusion that Amanda Williams was truly and absolutely crushing on my boyfriend Dave. Was I stupid to pretend that I didn’t know? Yes. Was I being a coward for not confronting her? Definitely! But I had more pressing matters to deal with such as getting ready for my date with Dave.

“Viv,” Juliet pulled me out of my thoughts, “you are so wearing black tonight.”

I frowned at my best friend as she pulled out a series of black garments and asked her, “Why black? Am I supposed to be mourning my life?”

Rolling her eyes, Juliet replied smoothly, “Black means that you’re sexy and available,” then she wiggled her brows, “but if he tries anything then you’re going to kick him where it hurts the most.”

“Jules,” I groaned, “Dave’s not that kind of guy.”

A smirk took my friend’s lips as she pushed back her red bangs as she retorted, “No but someone named Sean is.”

My cheeks threatened to go red so to hide it, I turned my attention to the makeup lined up on my dresser before asking, “So where do we start?”

“Come on Viv, when are you going to admit it? You’re in love with a certain bad boy,” Juliet replied, before she pulled my hair away from my face and began to fiddle around with the makeup, “And no matter how hard you try to deny it or Sean does, you both are so meant for each other.”

I bit my lower lip and glanced at Juliet from the mirror. Her green eyes met mine in our reflections and I sighed, “Jules, can we not talk about this now?”

A small smile that looked slightly disappointed took over her lips before she replied, “Okay Viv. Let’s gets you all dolled up for your swimmer boy then?”

It was like I had been transported back to the first day I had been introduced to makeup. Juliet began to apply eyeliner to my eyes and then a light-gold shimmer to my eyelids. She hummed under her breath as she focused on trying to make me look as stunning as I could. In that silence aside from Juliet’s humming, I examined my best friend more closely. Her auburn hair was braided to one side and her bangs were falling heavily over one eye. She wore plain denim shorts and a green strappy top that made her eyes stick out all the more.

I couldn’t stop myself smiling when I noticed the way she moved around the dresser and applied her makeup to my face. There was no doubt that my best friend was also finding love for herself, even though it was a much simpler situation than mine. Juliet Summer, my best friend for almost eighteen years of my entire life was finally falling for someone and even if Chris hadn’t asked her out as yet, I knew that he liked her back just as much.

“Très belle,” Juliet breathed out with a smile so genuine that I had to fight not to gape at myself in the mirror.

Juliet was right. I did look very pretty; in fact it didn’t even look like the same Vivienne from before. My blue eyes were prominent against the dark eyeliner which surrounded it and the gold against my eyelids made me look more angelic than I thought I could have ever been. A natural rose-coloured blush tainted my cheeks and my lips were covered in a wine red lipstick which shimmered slightly in the light.

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