He was popular. I wasn't. See the problem? Popular people don't hangout with people like me. It just wasn't how society worked. Populars with populars. It was going to be tough if I wanted him to notice me.

He never would notice me. I bet you if I screamed out his name he still wouldn't notice me. He has his group and I have...well I don't exactly have a 'group'. I have Jerome. One of the smartest foreign exchange students to ever arrive at our school. He might not be the most sportiest boy, but he sure likes checkers.

The thing about me is that I don't let people put me down. Sure they say mean things, but doesn't every school have kids like that? Even though he doesn't even know my first name, let alone last name, every time he walks into the room, my smile gets brighter and my heart beats faster.

Never once in my life did I ever think he would talk to me. Him saying 'hey...do you happen to have any Chapstick?,' has changed my whole life around.

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