Lindsey Point of View

I got up the next morning with a headache.
FanFuckingtastic way to start off the day. My brain was still hearing Jon's and Emile's Moans from there make out session yesterday. I got up and went to my closet, where my uniform was hung and grabbed it. I was dreading school, I was stuck seeing The bitch (That's her new name XD) and Cole and man I was not ready for Drama. Yeah No talking for me. Oh well.

*Time skip*

I walked into the school with my hood up,I don't really want anyone to notice me. Of course when i don't want to be noticed i get noticed,But it was by someone i didn't know.

"Hey um.. I'm Katy... I just started here.. Whats your Name?" The girl, Katy asked me.

She Had shoulder length Brown hair with Cat Ears poking out of them. She had on a sleeveless Yellow shirt with a blue circle on it and wore a purple Jacket. What surprised me the most was, Not the fact about the cat ears but more that she didn't have Shoes on.

"Oh don't Worry the teachers and Principle said i didn't have to wear shoes since i don't Normally." She whispered to me. I nodded and gave her a thumbs up.

"I'm Lindsey and...I'm a Mute..'' I wrote on a piece of Paper,, hiding my face.

"Oh well. I Vow to be your friend No matter what." She whispered to me a smile on her face. I like this girl. She's Awesome!

* Time Skip to Lunch*

Katy and I walked around the lunch room looking for a place to sit. We Found a table with a girl sitting by herself. She had Fair Skin with brown hair, her tips dyed Teal, She had blue Eyes. She was wearing a Pokemon shirt that said 'Gotta Catch them All!' on the front with a poke-ball. She was reading a Zelda Manga and had on a Zelda Hat. (Sorry I had to because i've noticed you liked Zelda a Lot sooooo) We walked over to her and Sat down.

"Hiya I'm Katy and This is Lindsey! Whats your name?" Katy asked her after taking a bite out of her Vanilla Ice Cream?.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET ICE CREAM FROM???' I aske her in all caps She shrugged her shoulders and went back to eating. I rolled my eyes and held my hand out to The girl.

She shook it and went back to reading. Before saying, "I'm Meru Mistix.."


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