30 seconds to mars- the true story-

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Okay, here is the story....about a band. Yes, the band is 30 seconds to mars. But no this is not another bullshit story about how I think jared leto is my "soul mate". This is not a made up story of what I assume there lifes are like because none of us know. This is the raw story of how music can change your life. It doesn't matter what the singer looks like or if the guitarist is " totally hot". All tha matters is the feeling you get when you live the song. When you really open up your ears to the music. When the music becomes more than background noise.

When you start anything new you will never fit in. Even if you do you don't. Most people become artifical and fake they get up every morning and put on there mask so they can hide from the world. Me, I use to. Dont pretend like you havent done it either. But unlike some I got sick of the mask. How did you break free? You will ask. A song. A voice. An album.

Now when I listen to this music I don't try to relate to the songs or make them about me. That is not what it is about. Have people forgotten how to listen to music? Its not insert your own story here. Its listen to my story listen to my journey and relive it with me. Understand who I am and where I have come from. If you listen hard enough you can find a persons deepest, darkest secrets. But it depends on the ears listening and the words being sang.

How does this relate to 30 seconds to mars? Because they are the most honest band I have ever heard. In this shitty world how many if these life changing artist will you find in a lifetime? Not many if any at all. So, that is the true story. Like it or not.

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