🎃Kinktober: Day 22🎃

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Kinktober; Day 22: Wax Play
Momo Yaoyorozu x Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a long day of training, all (Y/n) wanted to do was lie down. Her arms and legs hurt, she was exhausted, and her girlfriend was waiting for her at home.

Her girlfriend, Momo Yoayorozu, one of the top graduates from UA.

(Y/n) met her on an undercover mission in a local club. (Y/n) sat at the bar by herself, wearing a suit rather than a dress. A tiny earpiece was in her ear, a reporter feeding her information.

"You'll be meeting with a woman in a red dress. Her name is Momo, but you'll refer to her as Clara."

"Copy that."

(Y/n) ordered herself a drink and sipped it slowly, eyes darting around the room.

"You seem tense." A gentle voice said. There she was, the woman in the red dress. To say she was gorgeous would be an understatement.

"Clara, pleasure to meet you." She held a hand out. (Y/n) took it gently, kissing her knuckles.

"Annabelle. But you can call me Anna. Pleasure's all mine." (Y/n) winked, releasing her hand.

From then on, the two of them had been working together on undercover missions with fake identities.

(Y/n) unlocked the door to their shared home. (Y/n) lived out in the country, the city was far too much for her. She had an average amount of land with a leisure pool and decking. It was a welcoming little place, perfect for her and Momo.

"Welcome home." Momo appeared from the kitchen, holding a lighter.

"What we're you doing?" (Y/n) asks, setting her duffel bag on the ground by the door.

"Oh nothing really. Just lighting some candles." Momo turns back to kitchen and collects a few loose candles, placing them on small trays around the house. "Did you ever touch the hot wax as a kid?" Momo chuckled to herself.

"Haha yeah I did, one time. My mom had lit a candle and placed it on the coffee table in our living room, in perfect reach for me. It didn't even dawn on me that it would be hot, but I remember sticking my hand into the glass container of melted wax and screaming because of how hot it was." (Y/n) laughed, "I was a pretty stupid kid back then."

"I've always thought it felt nice. Like a warm coating over your skin." Momo says, staring at the candle she had just set down.

(Y/n) walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her. "You're so adorable, you know that?"

Momo snuggled up to her lovers embrace. She turned to face her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"I've missed you, you've been out a lot more." She says.

"I apologize, but you know how it is... gotta make sure I'm capable to handle myself in battle." (Y/n) mumbles. She kisses Momo again, wrapping her arms tightly around her waist. "Could I make it up to you?"

Momo smiles and nods. (Y/n) smiles too, pecking Momo's lips and then down her jawline.

"You're so beautiful... you smell so sweet..." (Y/n) comments, feeling Momo's sighs of relief on her ear.

"You're so warm.." Momo mumbles, entangling her hand in (Y/n)'s hair, the other on her back.

"Do you want to try something?" (Y/n) asks, pulling away briefly.

"Try something?"

(Y/n) nods.

"Okay." (Y/n) leads Momo to the couch, removing her top before laying on her stomach.
(Y/n) straddled her waist and traced her curves with her hands.

"Relax.." (Y/n) whispers in her ear. Delicate kisses travel down her spine, followed by light touches. (Y/n) uses one hand to grab one of the loose candles. Turning the candle to its side, still lit, small droplets of hot wax hit Momo's back.

She jumps in surprise feeling the burning wax roll down her skin. The burning sensation was sort of exhilarating, it felt good. (Y/n) continued to drop hot wax droplets on her back. (Y/n) placed the wax down on the table again and continued with kissing and touching, now that Momo was hot from the wax.

"(Y/n)..." Momo mumbled, leaning into her kisses. (Y/n) used one hand to make small circles between Momo's legs. Momo sighed, as (Y/n) grabbed the candles again. The wax hit Momo's skin and (Y/n) felt her tense under her fingers.

"Do you like it?" (Y/n) smiles, slowing her circular motion.

Momo nodded weakly, rolling her hips to rub against (Y/n)'s fingers. (Y/n) grins to herself, rubbing slightly faster. Momo's grabs one of the pillows on the couch and uses it to attempt to quiet her moans. She was getting close. That hot stinging feeling from the wax was invigorating, making her pulse heighten.

"You're so beautiful..." (Y/n) breathes out. Her lover's arousal was insanely attractive. Lord only knew what she was thinking about doing to her after this.

Momo gripped the pillow tight and buried her face in it as a muffled moan came out. She trembled and shook beneath (Y/n), breathing heavily.

"Already?" (Y/n) removed her fingers from Momo's lips to her waist. She kisses her spine once more before whispering, "We're not done."

Momo hummed into the pillow happily, rocking her hips, making (Y/n) rub against her.

"Hehe. You're getting ahead of yourself there love. Let's change locations." (Y/n) got off Momo and she flipped over, allowing (Y/n) to hoist her up. "How does the shower sound? Gotta get that wax off you now."

"Sounds great.." Momo cupped (Y/n)'s cheeks and kisses her deeply as the switched rooms.

- END -

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