🎃Kinktober: Day 20🎃

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Kinktober; Day 20: Leash
Rumi Usagiyama x Reader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Baby Carrot~ I have a surprise for you~" Rumi coos.

(Y/n) looks up from her book to find her wife spinning something on the tip of her finger, "What's that?" (Y/n) asked innocently.

"Your surprise." Rumi approaches (Y/n) and slides the "surprise" around (Y/n)'s neck. Fastening it closed, Rumi steps back to admire her significant other.

"Perfect!" She grins.

"Is this a collar?" (Y/n) blushes deeply, touching the leather item around her throat.


(Y/n) swallows and looks down. Rumi steps closer and tilts (Y/n)'s head back up, putting a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Makes you even more perfect. C'mon." Rumi leads (Y/n) to the bedroom, pushing her down on the bed. Getting on top, Mirko puts her hands on either side of (Y/n)'s head.

"Rumi..." (Y/n) mumbles.

Rumi carefully kisses (Y/n) as if she was glass before quickly pulling away, "I almost forgot!" She hops up and digs around in her side of the dresser and finds what looked like a leash. She comes back to (Y/n)'s side and clips the leash to her collar, wrapping the end around her hand. Rumi pulls on the leash, forcing (Y/n) to come closer.

"Works just like I thought it would." She smiles, kissing (Y/n) once again, pulling on the leash when she wanted (Y/n) closer.

Eventually, they pulled apart and Rumi situated herself on the bed, "Strip for me, Baby Carrot."

(Y/n) blushes but begins to remove her clothes, unzipping her jacket and dropping her shorts. Rumi never let go of the leash which meant she wasn't going to be taking off her shirt.

"That's enough. Now come here." Rumi pulled on the leash, beckoning (Y/n) to her. Climbing onto the bed, she sits down in Rumi's lap. "What an obedient little girl you are."

Grabbing (Y/n) by her hips, Rumi proceeds to trace her hands over (Y/n)'s body and (Y/n) runs her hands through Rumi's hair. In doing so, she finds that Rumi's fluffy bunny ears are sensitive and make her twitch.

Rumi lays (Y/n) on her back and stops, "This won't do..." She taps her chin, "Get against bedframe Sweet Cheeks~"

(Y/n) does as she's told and presses her hands  and chest to the bedframe

Meanwhile, Rumi prepares...

She slips off (Y/n)'s panties and rubs little circles against her lips. Holding (Y/n) by the leash, Rumi tugs her back while she also sticks a finger into her.

(Y/n), being choked by the leash, is unable to moan and instead tenses up, tears in her eyes.

Rumi slides another finger into (Y/n), curling them gently inside her.

"That's two~" Rumi teases. She relaxes them and slowly moves them in and out before adding another, "Three~"

(Y/n) gasps audibly and trembles, "Rumi~"

"Nah-ah-ah~ That's not my name."


"Good girl~" Rumi curls her fingers, pulling on the leash ever so lightly. Increasingly getting rougher, (Y/n) tried her hardest to contain her moans but couldn't with Rumi's fingers in her. Rumi felt her convulse around her fingers before completely relaxing and (Y/n) panting like a dog. "Ha, too easy."

Rumi tugs on the leash, (Y/n) sitting down on Rumi's lap once more. The two shared a passionate kiss, and Rumi releases the leash to grab (Y/n)'s hand.

"Did I say you could touch those?" She smirks with an aroused blush. (Y/n) had put her hands in Rumi's hair and began to trace up her ears. "You touch my ears and you won't walk for a week, understand?"

(Y/n), turned on by the aggressiveness, nods.

"Good. Now, kiss me some more, I'm not done with you quite yet."

- END -

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