Chapter 14

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Brendon's PoV

Sex with Ryan was amazing, even if I was going to get shit from my mom about it forever, it was still worth it.

When I went back to school on Monday I greeted Ryan with my now usual 'good morning sunshine' and he smiled so damn wide that it made my day.

Ryan was an amazing guy, he was cute, funny, perfect. I
told Patrick all of this on the way to chemistry. Patrick just smiled and shook his head,

"How about you?" I asked, "Any hot guys?" And, to my surprise Patrick spoke one word, one word, with no stutter,

"Yeah." And I grinned at him,


"H-his n-names Pete, we-we're sssorta d-dating, s-started this w-week-ekend." Patrick told me, I grinned this proper, big, smile and God, did I love the fact that Patrick's face mirrored mine,

"He d-doesn't-n't eve-even m-mind the stu-stu-stutter!" Patrick exclaimed loudly. I was so damn proud of Patrick.

Apart from Patrick's news, school was normal and boring, Mikey complained about his brother, Gerard, Ryan was cute, Patrick was dating and I was at waist height.

It became common place to drive Ryan home on weekdays, for him to spend the night on Saturday, for us to, well, fuck, that night then spend Sunday cuddling and listening to music.

Days fell into week(es) and week(es) fell into months. Ryan and I were practically the model couple in our year at school, we rarely fought, were always in love and never stopped to question it.

Ryan was my everything, all that I needed.

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