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Ever Shade

A Dark Faerie Tale #1

Copyright © 2012 Alexia Purdy

All rights reserved


One long pause and the man pondered the choice he just made. The faery exile, Verenis, watched the woman and her new husband as they laughed and chatted away inside their house. Her long, honey-brown hair shone in shimmering waves down her back and swung around as her husband twirled her about the kitchen, dancing to the music from the radio, which sat on the windowsill. Verenis didn't acknowledge the pangs of jealousy that swirled in his stomach; he'd made his decision, and now had to let it play out. She'd be safer this way.

The child would grow without knowing him, without knowing her powerful potential. He would not be there to teach her the ways of their magic and life. It had to be this way. He could not change it, no matter how much he longed to. For the safety of the child and the love of his life, he erased the woman's memory of him forever. He watched them as the happiness spread across their faces. He handpicked the man for her, made sure he would be a great father, love the child as his own, and love the woman more than life itself.

The faery closed his eyes, feeling the breezes of the cool winds graze his face. He never wished to leave her like this but longed to hold her and be the one to swing her around in a flowing dance. The tragedy of it all caused a fierce ache in his heart and arrested his breath in his throat. Glancing back to her one more time, he turned away and ran with the wind toward the embrace of the forest.

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