38: Fun facts about EXO

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Fun facts about EXO

I hope you don't mind me posting these facts. Nakakaloka kasi ang kabaliwan ng 12 gheis dati. xD


✔Kai doesn't like to walk together with Chanyeol because when Chanyeol walks, he would bump into the person beside him.

✔Baekhyun likes to wear D.O's shoes in private

✔Luhan and Tao were hit with a cushion by Lay because they got caught eating his snacks.

✔Luhan taught Sehun how to play the Rubik's cube, but Sehun doesn't know how to fix it till now.

✔ D.O is the only person who is willing to go shopping with Chanyeol without any terms and conditions.

✔Sehun is not in favor with calling D.O a hyung.

✔It would always take Kris a long time to bath, and Chen gets frustrated because of this.

✔Suho would always brood on Kris' height.

✔Chen likes hitting, and his victims would either be Tao or Chanyeol.

✔One time, in a clothing shop, Sehun suddenly pointed to D.O's legs and then pointed to his own legs.

✔Baekhyun would always make these weird noises while sleeping, and whenever Chanyeol can't wake him up by nudging, he would push him off the bed in one kick.

✔Tao and Xiumin loves anime and K-drama.

✔Lay would immediately throw his rubbish away while Luhan throws them away in bulk.

✔Kris would always lead Tao and take care of him

✔When it comes to eating, Chanyeol is the most serious.

✔ EXO-K's mental age ranking: 1. D.O 2. Kai 3. Suho 4. Baekhyun 5. Sehun 6. Chanyeol

✔Every time Lay sees Luhan, he would feel like playing whack-a-mole.

✔Baekhyun would transfer to another member's bed when he feels cold.

✔In private, Kai and Sehun doesn't use honorifics with Tao.

✔ D.O is gullible and would fall for the same trick over and over again.

✔During the trainee period, Tao and Xiumin like to wrap their arms around each other's shoulders and they have this habit till now.

✔Lay often makes fun of Kris because his moves are too stiff.

✔According to Chanyeol, his weight should have been around 96 kg like the other boys with the same shoe size (46) and height (185cm).

✔Sehun loves to pair his bubble tea with fries.

✔Baekhyun is a genius at card games.

✔ When EXO-M's manager laughs, he looks like Luhan.

✔Suho strongly believes that it is still possible for men who are below 30 years old to continue growing taller.

✔Lay is calm on stage, but in private the members call him a hyperactive kid.

✔Chen likes to watch cartoons.

✔According to the members, Chanyeol is like a magnet, so anyone who is near him would get stuck to him.

✔Kai gets shy more easily than Sehun.

✔Baekhyun has a weird habit of wearing socks to bed so that he can sleep soundly.

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