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im not ready to die, not yet

(listen to it ^^ its makes it sadder as you read 😔✌🏽 its kinda based on the song so)

there milo laid, her car flipped with her limp body inside. nothing besides the sounds of screams flooded her ears. it was like a nightmare that she couldnt wake up from. it was almost like astral projection. she could see her body upside down inside the flipped car but she also saw the cars stopped around her.

the person who hit her wasnt seen by anyone. no one could even remember the car. it was there one moment and gone the next. milo watched as the ambulance arrived and pulled at the doors to try and open them. once they had used a crow bar to open it, she watched as they pulled her limp body out of the car. she was watching everything unfold from a different perspective as if she was in a movie.

vinnie drove as fast as the cars around let him with tears in his eyes and jordan trying to calm him down. avani and anthony drove with amelie and blake as they tried to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

"vinnie, you have to calm down okay? shes gonna be alright" jordan said softly.
"you dont know that!" vinnie yelled while driving.

jordan slightly nodded and kept his eyes in front of them to make sure they werent going to hit anyone.

"what if shes not okay?" vinnie asked quietly.
"what if i broke her and now shes gone? i never even got the chance to apologize to her" he added while at a red light.
"you will see her. she's going to be okay vinnie" jordan reassured him.

anthony drove with avani in the front seat and amelie with blake in the back. blake comforted amelie as anthony tried his best to keep avani from thinking about it to much. he didnt trust her to drive in this condition so he volunteered.

the truth was, no one knew what was happening. milo never showed anyone the texts and she never spoke about them. no one knew if this was an accident or she was being targeted. no one knew anything about this.

the scariest thing was that no one knew if she was gonna make. she wasnt even at the hospital yet and that left everyone on edge. the paramedics couldn do anything until she is stable on the hospital bed. even then, no one would be able to see her for a while.

as the ambulance sped through lanes, it passed vinnie's car in a rush.

"oh my god" he muttered under his breath as tears fell down his pink cheeks.
"hey! keep it together! just think about how good its gonna feel to see her again okay? think positively" jordan said.

vinnie nodded but the only thing running through his mind right now was everything that could be going wrong. the truth was, you never know what was going to happen in life. he didnt know what she was looking like right now. how many scrapes she had, how hard she was hit, if it was meant to happen, or anything along the lines of that. the only thing he wanted to do was make sure she was okay.

at this moment, he didnt care if they never spoke again or if she never took him back. he just wanted to make sure she was still alive.

the ambulance drove as fast as it could, trying to reach the hospital before nothing could be done to save her. as they pulled in, they wheeled the stretcher out and into the hospital. orders were being barked around as the entire floor turned to chaos.

"room 315!" a nurse yelled.

a team of doctors quickly wheeled her into the elevator and repeatedly pushed the third floor button. as soon the doors pushed open, they ran put the elevator and towards room 315. they quickly locked the door and transferred her onto the bed before grabbing IV's and different bags of sorts.

avani, blake, anthony and amelie were getting closer as they could see the top of the building. anthony finally parked as the girls hopped out the car. their boyfriends followed them as they ran to the receptionists.

"h-hello were uh here for m-milo garcia" amelie chocked out.
"she is in room 315 but they just got her in so you are more than welcome to take a seat in the lobby up there" the receptionist.
"thank you" anthony said while holding avani's hand.

as they were walking to the elevator, the door of the hospital opened. the four turned around to see vinnie and jordan.

"oh their with us" anthony said from by the elevator.

vinnie and jordan's head snapped towards them as the receptionist nodded. they both started walking towards the group as anthony immediately engulfed vinnie into a hug.

they didnt say anything, they just hugged as vinnie cried into his shoulder. anthony led vinnie into the elevator as the rest followed. once it got up to the 3rd floor, they couldnt help but notice all the doctors rushing in and out of room 315. anthony held avani while blake did the same to amelie. vinnie sat with his head in his hands while jordan soflt rubbed his back.

milo had machines and tubes all around her as doctors worked to pull the glass shards out and clean the wounds. none of the cuts were major but they were still noticeable.

after about an hour, almost everyone was asleep besides vinnie. how was he supposed to sleep in a situation like this?

"vinnie hacker?" a nurse asked.
"thats me" vinnie said while standing.
"follow me"

the nurse led him into a seperate room as she looked at his clipboard before looking back up at him.

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"so we do have some good news and bad news. which would you like first?"
"bad" he said.
"the bad news is, we dont know when she will wake up"
"good news?"
"we are able to save them"
"wait- them?" vinnie asked in pure confusion.
"you didnt know?"
"know what?"
"shes pregnant"

(a/n: y'all can literally shut the fuck up about the baby dying. its a serious thing and so is abortions and miscarriages. their not fun nor easy things. im tired of seeing these comments. its been like 7 months of this. if you dont like it then cry about it tf)

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