Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I walk sourly to my water lesson.  Ms. Walters doesn't especially like me.  Just because I showed her, off a little bit yesterday!  It's not my fault she thought she was getting her revenge!  "Hello Ms. Walters," I greet the blonde haired woman as I walk in and take my seat. 

        "Yes, hello Dae," she greets as she sits on the ground in front of one of the ponds.  Patting the ground, she smiles at me.  "Come take a seat next to me Dae," she says and I nod.  This morning, I've officially taken the role of being responsible.  If I ever want to come close to mastering even an element within a month, I'm going to have to be!  I sigh and stand up woodenly and walk over to her.  I sit down Indian style on the tiled floor.  "Okay, we're going to start out with the basics," she says while her blue eyes shoots me a look, "even though you're already far more advance, you still need to learn them," she says and I nod at her. 

        "Okay, this move is called the water bubble," she as she moves her hand over the water.  "The concept to this trick is to make a bubble under water," she says while looking down into the pond.  I look down to see little bubbles traveling upward into the middle of the pond.  "You just think of all the bubbles in the water coming to the center," she says a medium bubble appears.  She closes her hand and the bubble pops.  "Got it?" she asks and I nod my head obediently.  "Now, it's your try," she says while making a hand gesture towards the pond.

        Taking in a deep breath, I hold my hand over the water.  I imagine all the bubbles are fish and my hand is the food.  The fish will obviously be attracted to the 'food' in the middle of the pond.  Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of tiny little bubbles start to form together.  I smile a little when I see a large bubble.  Let's see what I can do here.  I imagine the bubble forming into a large D for Dae.  I hear a gasp and I immediately withdraw my hand and look over to see a shock Ms. Walters.

        "Sorry, I should have stayed on the lesson," I mumble while looking sheepishly around.  "It won't happen again," I sigh and she nods.

        "Very well, let's move onto the next thing.  Water moving is a sort of an art for Elementals," she says as she looks at the water.  "Now, you don't have to make hand gestures, but it helps," she says as she makes a swirling motion with her hand and a small drop of water comes from the pond and starts to go around in circles.  "Imagine your hand as a magnet and the water is a metal.  Your hand is drawing the water from the pond and into the air," she says as she lets go of her water making it land in the crystal blue pond with a splash.  "You can try now," she says and I nod at her. 

        I stick my arm in the air and make a twisting gesture imagining the water coming out of the water in a long thin strip of clear water twirling around like a ribbon.  As if on cue, a little pocket of water comes out and starts to twirl in time with my hand.  I stop my hand and the water stops.  I really want to have some fun but I remind myself that I'm supposed to be learning not teaching.  I sigh and make a sweeping gesture imagining the water going back into the pond.

        "Very good, now on to the next!" Ms. Walters says excitedly.  I don't see what's so fun, all of this stuff is easy!  By the end of the hour, I've learned the basics which means that I can make bubbles underwater, make the water come out into the air, and some new water elemental moves such as the slicer. 

        "Wasn't this exciting Dae?" Ms. Walters ask and I look at her in the eyes.

        "To tell you the truth, all of this was easy.  I was sort of hoping for some harder things," I mumble as I look down at my blue sneakers and jeans.  My chin scratching the top of my flowery tank top.  I hear an exasperated sigh from in front of me.

        "It takes time to learn all of this Dae.  All the materials I've taught you today usually take weeks to teach a regular student," she says making me flinch.  A regular student meaning I'm not.  I've never been 'regular' since my parents' deaths.  Now, I'm even more abnormal!  This is just the cherry top off this crappy life sundae.  I sigh quite loudly.  "Hey, its okay, you'll move onto harder things sooner," Ms. Walters says soothingly not understanding why I'm sad.  "How about this, I give you some homework," she says while getting up and walking towards her desk.  Yes, Ms. Walters, homework for a teenager is the best way to make them happy!

        Ms. Walters scribbles down something before handing in it tom.  I look down and smile.  Try taking water from your surroundings that might not be the most obvious places.  "Thanks Ms. Walters," I say as I rush out of the room and towards my air lesson.  I'm still trying to follow my lovely tattoos.  First water, then air, then earth, and ending with fire.  I look down at my wrist and smile.  The beautiful swirls in the pattern still amaze me. 

        Suddenly, I'm on the hard-checkered floor landing on my butt with an oof.  "Would you please watch where you're going," I say as I rub my butt without looking up at the person.

        "Like I'm the one that needs to watch where they're going klutzilla," the feminine voice says in a snarky tone.  I look up surprised.  There's only one person who could belong to that voice

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