How to Recover Missing Worlds in Minecraft

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This article is specifically for recovering missing worlds on Minecraft on iOS/ PE (Pocket Edition)

This article documents the steps for searching and recovering a missing world in Minecraft on iOS devices.

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First, confirm the version of Minecraft you are currently running Next, check the Minecraft marketplace

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First, confirm the version of Minecraft you are currently running Next, check the Minecraft marketplace. Select the "store", scroll down to purchases, and click "restore purchases"

If your purchases were made through the App store you can also restore your purchases in the app store. It will require that you use the account associated with the Apple device.

When looking to restore missing game data you can either check if it has been stored in the Apple iCloud storage or through the iTunes backup. This will only work if you have the iCloud file sharing service enabled on your device.

Please note that the standard storage space for the iCloud on Apple devices is 5GB unless more space is purchased. The iCloud service prioritizes space by backing up necessary data. This means the Phonebook, Camera, and Text messages will be backed up first.

Game data can be retrieved upon reinstallation of the game application. Both steps for iCloud and iTunes are as follows.

Recovery from iCloud

For use with files that have been backed up automatically with iCloud:

Go to "Settings" Select "iCloud" Go to "Storage and Backup" Select the Backup you want to restore Wait till the restoration completes

Recovery from iTunes

For use with files that have been backed up or synced with iTunes:

Connect the iOS device to computer, open iTunes and choose the device Click Apps, scroll down below the list of apps to file sharing "Apps in the list below can share documents between the iPhone and the computer" Click Minecraft PE To the right there is now a folder symbol called "games" Click to highlight this folder Scroll down and choose "save to..." When restoring click "add" When you restart the application go to your worlds to confirm they are there

If this did not solve your issue, return to Minecraft Troubleshooting . 

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