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Tada oops

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Sooo HI I'M BACK!! I know I know it's been forever and I probably should have updated by now I just couldn't think of how to start this chapter. I knew what I wanted to happen in the chapter I just couldn't think of how to get there. Sowwy.  Anywho TO THE STORY!!!!!!! OOPS ALMOST FORGOT KINDA A POTENTIALLY TRIGGER-Y CHAPTER ENDING(mentions of noose, small knives and razor blades and the phrase "hello darkness my old friend" after they're mentioned)
Beka's POV
When I wake up Liv's body is gone and so are those things' disgusting corpses. I then slowly and sadly gather me and Liv's weapons, i mean I guess they're mine now. "Well I guess I have to go to the skyarmy now. I'll give Ty Liv's stuff he'd probably want it seeing as he's her brother" I think to myself.
~Timeskip a few hours~
A few hours later I'm walking through a patch of thinner and smaller trees when I hear a rustling sound coming from a bush. I barely have time to say "who's there" before I'm ambushed and surrounded by squids. "DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! NOW!" They say and to their obvious surprise, I comply. One of the squids asks as I expected to, why I just gave in knowing what will happen when they get me back to the dungeon. I reply, truthfully for once, "because I don't care anymore what you do to me. It couldn't be any worse than finding Ty and having to tell him that his little sister, my best friend is dead." "Oh," they say. "And also because it can't be worse than living with the fact that my only friend is dead and I couldn't save her."
~Timeskip to the squid castle~
When we get to the castle I'm dragged, and I mean literally dragged, into the throne room before the king. "REBEKAH COOPER DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU ARE HERE?" The squid king booms. "Because you hate that someone decided to stand up against you and say killing people is wrong?" I reply sassily. My head flies to the side as one of the guards slaps me. "YOU INSUBORDINATE BITCH! I WAS GOING TO LET YOU OFF SLIGHTLY EASIER BUT I GUESS NOT! TAKE HER TO CELL NUMBER ONE!" the squid king shouts. Internally I start shaking because cell one is the worst cell in the worst dungeon. Rumors say that everyone sent there is either dead in a week, are tortured to the point of near death then healed and then the process is repeated, or they outright kill themselves. "IS THE LITTLE BITCH AFRAID?" the squid king booms while laughing. "N-no" I stutter out. The guards holding me by my arms (which I don't see the point of seeing as they have my arms and legs chained together), yank me up from the kneeling position they forced me in by the chain that connects the chains on my arms and legs. They then drag me down several flights of stairs by that same chain.
~Timeskip to cell one~
Once the guards finish literally dragging me to cell one which still has blood stains from it's previous resident they drag me to the wall and strap me into the chains hanging from the wall. "Here we go again" I think. "You know your little friend whatshername—" "IT WAS LIV YOU ASSHOLES" "Liv, whatever, guess what was supposed to happen but the idiots sent screwed up doing" "what assholes?!?" "Oh god they're grinning like madmen, whatever it is it's really bad." "What was supposed to happen they were supposed to kill you and take her as our captive for ransom as she's Ty's sister and Ty is so close to that douchebag Sky—" "DONT YOU TALK ABOUT SKY LIKE YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!" "I don't know where that sudden burst of protectiveness came from, strange." "I WASN'T AWARE YOUR OPINION ABOUT HOW I TALK ABOUT HIM MATTERED YOU WORTHLESS, PIECE OF SHIT, BITCH," one of them screams at me, emphasizing each insult with a kick to my ribs and gut. I manage to choke out; "I expect what you're not aware of would fill several books, asshole." (bonus points to you if you can name what that is from {the word asshole is different but it's otherwise the same.}) "WHY YOU LITTLE!", the first squid screams before calming himself and saying while laughing, "but instead of killing you and capturing her, because of you, they killed her and took you captive!" "Wh-what n-no y-you're l-lying, th-that can't b-be t-tr-true," I say in a half choked sob as my world and sassy, strong and defiant facade crumble around me. "Oh but it is you pathetic, and completely worthless bitch." "n-no, no no no no NO NOOOOOOOOOO!" I yell out in a half scream/half sob choked noise, completely broken as my very world and life crumbles around me while I bawl my eyes out. "We'll just leave you in here with these as a preparation for what you're in for" the squids say as the toss two objects in my direction and walk out, cackling like hyenas. What are the two objects? Some coiled up rope with a weird lasso-like loop at one end (character doesn't know what a noose is yet) and a bunch of small knives and razors, and all I can say is hello darkness my old friend.

Soooo that was a depressing end to a chapter, SORRY!!!!

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