Chapter 2

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I cut the engine and stared up at the tall building in front of me. My stomach churned and flopped every second, almost making me gag from the bile. I haven't seen him since I was a child. Would he even remember me? I gulped and glanced at my hazel eyes in the mirror. Would he even care? My hand raked my curly hair back, making it flow on either side of my face. I exhaled after I realized I was holding my breath and got out of my Camaro.

This was it.

The moment of truth.

Something I had anticipated nearly my whole life was about to happen. I listened to the quiet sounds of crickets and the distant drone of car engines in the night. The crisp air had a slight chill. As my hand reached out to open the door, I straightened myself up and added confidence to my look. I had a lot of explaining to do... Soon enough, the apartment door I needed to go to stood right in front of me. I raised my hand to knock on the door, but realized it was already open. My eyebrows raised and I set my hand on my pistol. Is he hurt? The tension crept up on me. Has someone killed him? My eyes darted around the room as I entered and took everything in.

The dim lighting set a tired mood, which made the apartment seem cozy. The room was clean beyond any spots. A brown couch rested in the middle of the room facing the big screened television on the wall. Book shelves lined the walls full of books, pictures, and knick knacks. One was of m-

Someone's fist met my side and I immediately grabbed their arm and twisted it. Steve Rogers yelled out in agony and used his foot to swipe my feet from the floor. I hit the ground, but lifted my leg and knocked him right in the jaw. He was knocked against the wall, so I took my advantage and took a stance. "You're trespassing," he stated sternly.

"The door was open," I shot back. "I didn't come to finish you off, if that's what you're thinking."

"Oh yeah?" Steve threw his fist, but I deflected his shot. I punched him in the nose and dodged his next move. I knocked a few books on the bookshelf over and at him, trying to distract him. I needed to find something to knock him out with. He countered my punch to the stomach and grabbed my gun. He threw it across the room and watched me with his blue eyes. "Then why are you here?"

My eyes flickered to the gun and back at him. My breathing staggered from the fighting and my messy hair was everywhere. I dove for the gun, but he caught me and pushed me up against the wall. The room exploded with heat; his hot minty breath hit my face like a summertime fan. Steve held a gold trophy up, ready to strike at any time. "You aren't leaving here without talking."

I checked him out and grinned sarcastically. "Whoa, calm down there, Cap. That's a lot of talk for someone who can't even kill their best friend when your life was at stake," I hissed. I could have easily gotten out of the situation, but I wanted to see how far he would go. Push him beyond his limits. He won't do it.

He was about to hit me over the head with the trophy before I moved slightly. He missed, which gave me the opportunity to punch him in the groin. He saw it coming, so he caught my fist before I could hit him. He pushed me across the room and into a glass lamp. I fell to the floor and accidentally cut my face as blood dripped down. I simply chuckled and declared, "You're messing with the wrong girl, Rogers." My cuts healed itself and his face paled when he noticed. Steve's eyes widened in pure horror and confusion as he took a step backward. Now he's afraid...Perfect. My eyes glanced around as I exhaled and realized something. Someone entered the room. My heart dropped inside of my chest. "Peter?"

Peter Parker, my favorite cousin, walked in between Cap and I. His short brown hair was spiked up slightly in the front; his dark brown eyes glistened in the light as he cocked his head. He wore Deadpool pajama pants and a gray T-shirt, and his skin was pale from the stress he had. His mouth opened, but the words failed to come out at first. "Lilly? Is that you?"

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