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[You've killed the True Martial God, Chiyou.]

[You've gained the title "God Killer".]

[You've become an absolute.]

[You've become the first being in history to kill a god.]

[That feat will forever be in the history books and will not be forgotten.]

[You've gained the hidden class "God Slayer"]

[God Slayer]

Rating: Myth

The opposite side of the coin from "Dragon Slayer", this class is given to the first being that has killed a god in history. This class can not be passed down.

*Opens the stat 'Presence'

*Permanently increases all stats by 50%

*Reduces all cooldowns by 25%, using a skill has a 33% chance to deal double damage and cut the cooldown by 50%.

* Permanently increases the strength, agility, and Presence stat by 500 points.

* You will gain ten additional stat points with every future level up.

*You always deal double damage to divine enemies.

* The more gods you slay, the stronger this class gets.

[Your feat has gone beyond impossible.]

[You've transcended your own tales.]

[Another page will open up, starting as a Myth.]

[Legendary Growth Class "Magic Swordsman of the Epics" has evolved to Myth.]

[You've gained the title "One who became Myth".]

[You contemplate your own power.]

[You find your own power lacking.]

[You have created two new class skills.]

[You've gained the skills "Grid's Elemental Sword Enchantment" and "Grid's Magical Shield".]

[As a Myth, Legendary Skills no longer fit your status.]

[Link has leveled up.]

[Pinnacle has leveled up.]

[Kill has lev..]

[Drop h..]


[Grid's Swordsmanship has leveled up.]

[Grid's Swordsmanship has reached the max level.]

[You can freely create Sword Dances given proper inspiration.]

[You've created the sword dance 'Divine', based on the Martial God, Chiyou.]

[You've created the skill "Blacksmithing Ascension" based on the Blacksmithing God, Hexetia.]

[The world knows of your new status.]

[The world is praising your feats.]

[Hexetia praises you.]

[Zeratul is envious of your swift growth.]

[Rebecca looks upon you with an emotionless glare.]

[Nefelina smiles, noting the difference between when she first saw you and now.]

[Baal is extremely interested in your feat.]

[Divinity has reached level 10.]

[Will you change your species to 'God'?]

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