Bella's POV
I woke up to the smell of bacon on the stove. I threw on my onzie and followed the smell. I saw Trevor sitting on the counter and Nat making breakfast. All of the O2L boys must have smelt the bacon because they all came down at the same time. Cam, Nash, Hayes, Matt, Jacob, Aaron, Carter, Gilinsky, and Johnson went home last night. Everyone was really close to Nat by now so Nat screamed "BREAKFAST IS READY!" Right in JC's ear. The boys ate their breakfast so fast, its almost like they thought I was going to steal it from them. The other guys arrived with their girlfriend and we talked for a while. "I think we should have a girls day for the girls and a guys day for the guys" Rose suggested "so we can get Jacob ready for his date with Bella" Nash said "and Trevor ready for his date with Nat" Connor continued. Jacob's, Nat's, Trevor's, and my face turned red and we all stared at our shoes. All the girls ran upstairs and  into the room Nat and I shared. "Gurls, you never told us you had dates." Lola said. "We kind of wanted to keep them a secret." I spoke up. "We have got to get you guys ready." Lola said, Gilinsky burst through the door and went over to Alina and whispered something in her ear, pecked her on the lips and left. "EWWW that was too much PDA!" Nat screamed. Alina blushed and tried to hide it with her sweatshirt. "Gilinsky says that you guys are leaving at 6:00 sharp. Its 12:00 so we have 6 hours." We all did our nails and sat around for 2 hours talking, waiting for our nails to dry. It was 2:00 now so we started to get ready for our dates. "I call makeup" Rose shouted. "I call hair" Andrea stated, "I call chosing their outfits" Lola spoke up. Lola went to the store to get clothes for us and Rose got started on our makeup. "I honestly don't trust anyone other than Rose when it comes to makeup!" Laura stated. "Neither do I" Alina agreed.


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