Dont pry into my life

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You guys requested this so here it is. Sorry for not updating. Schools been giving me a lot of work and stress. I'll try to write more.

"Ok we are now gonna react to Ayanokōji-kun's past," Sky announced.

'Finally, we'll get to learn more about him," the people involved with Kiyotaka said(basically The horikitas, Nagumo, and kei, others,).

"Fufufu, it looks like you're gonna be exposed Ayanokōji-kun," Sakayanagi say cunningly.

All Ayanokōji could do was sigh.

"Do you know his past Sakayanagi-san?"
Ichinose asked curiously. The question seemed to gather some people's attention.

"Yes, you could say we are childhood friends,"

"Seriously!?"Ike shouted. As he did people started asking questions like how they know each other.

"Ok, questions later, let's just start this already." Sky intervened. Her face then turned to to a expression that looked like she had forgotten something.

"Oh right!" Sky shouted out of nowhere startling several people.

"Professor, I'm gonna need you to sit in the front," she paused, "oh and you two Nanase!"

Said people then started to walk to the front of the room as people looked at them.

"Wait a minute- not to be rude sir, but who are you?" Shibata said politely. He knew a lot of people in the school but he has never seen the guy anywhere in the school.

People then started to realized the same thing.

"Hm...well to say the least, I'm Ayanokōji's father." The professor blantedly stated.

"EHH!" A shout came from almost everyone.

'Kiyopon/Kiyotaka's father!?' The Ayanokouji group thought nervously.

The professor then took a seat next to horikita making her scoot over with nanase on her right.

'I get why the professor is here but why is Nanase here?' Ayanokōji thought ignoring all the commotion.

'Unless...' he was later interrupted by an elbow jab to his side.

"What was that for?" Ayanokouji said through eye contact.

"What do you mean what was that for! You never told me your father was here Kiyotaka!" Kei replied back, through eye contact of course.

'I didn't really feel the need to tell you,"

Kei just looked at him like he was crazy.

Before kei could respond, sky interrupted, "Ok! Lets get started."

[Setting: At one of the random street of the complex.]

[Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and Suzune Horikita are together. Each under of their own umbrellas. They are currently in front of the pedestrian lanes.]

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji: It's nice that the plan worked, huh?

"What plan?" Sudo asked.

"Oh right I forgot to tell you, this was after when you were almost expelled because of what happened in the special annex." Sky said.

Suzune Horikita: You manipulated me, didn't you?

"Huh what is she talking about?" Ken said confused. He got no reply though.

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