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£𝖧𝗎𝗌𝗍𝗈𝗇, 𝖳𝖷𝖮𝖼𝗍𝗈𝖻𝖾𝗋 𝟤𝟢𝟣𝟢:𝟤𝟨 𝖠

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𝖧𝗎𝗌𝗍𝗈𝗇, 𝖳𝖷
𝖮𝖼𝗍𝗈𝖻𝖾𝗋 𝟤𝟢
𝟣𝟢:𝟤𝟨 𝖠.𝖬.

And you got me like, oh
What you want from me? (What you want from me?)
And I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price too high
Baby you got me like, oh, mm
You love when I fall apart (fall apart)
So you can put me together
And throw me against the wall
Baby you got me like ah, woo, ah
Don't you stop loving me (loving me)
Don't quit loving me (loving me)
Just start loving me (loving me)

"Oh, and baby I'm fist fighting with fire
Just to get close to you" She hummed hanging up her mirror.

She hasn't talked to anyone of the people out the group for 16 days.

She bought all of her stuff back though.

She turned her music down because she heard talking down stairs.

It wasn't just her "family" so she went out of her room to see what it was.

She looked downstairs to see Lea and Imani talking to her parents.

"Yeah, Sevyn's not here right now. We'll tell her you- nooo lady! We're looking for NEVEAH!" Nalea cut Leslie off getting annoyed making Veah chuckle.

"Well she's not here eith- yes she is she right there. Move." Imani pushed Leslie out the way and made her way to Neveah with Lea right after her.

"Neveah, where have you been." Mani hugged her.

"Umm.. it was nice seeing y'all but y'all can go." Veah said thinking that they just felt bad for her.

"Veah.. can we talk." Lea said.

"I don't th- 5 minutes." Imani said.

"Fine." Veah sighs.

Neveah went in her room as they followed her.

"Okay so I know you think we think you are weird because of what happened that night..." Mani trailed off.

"How you know th- let us talk, just listen." Lea cut her off.

Veah nodded for her to continue.

"But we don't. Everyone has their problems in this group that's why we're so tight. Everybody got something wrong with them and that's what we love about each other. We don't want nobody that's perfect. Just come as you." Imani said with hope in her eyes.

The truth is.. Imani had a little sister that had suffered from Bipolar depression.. Her sister ended up committing suicide 2 years ago and she doesn't want that to happen to Veah.

Mani knows that that's what Veah suffers from but she's not gonna ask her about it because she wants Neveah to tell them when she's ready.

Neveah reminds Mani of her little sister and that's why she's going so hard for her.

"So y'all won't look at me any differently? What about the boys?" Neveah said overthinking.

"They won't look at you differently.. Nelly will still call you his best friend and Kaash will still call you "bae" I promise." Lea said chuckling when she said the one about Kaash.

That took a weight off of Neveah shoulders.

"Okay not come on.. we finna go see the boys." Lea pulled Veah up.

Neveah chuckled then slid on her slides.

They walked downstairs and almost went out the door.

"Where are you going Neveah?" Her dad stopped them making Neveah agitated.

"Since when do you care? Move bro." She tried to get pass her dad.

"No. Y'all ladies have a nice night." He moved so that Lea and Imani could go out the door.

"Umm no, Veah is coming with us." Mani scrunched her face up.

"My daughter is not going anywhere right now, y'all can go though." Leslie opened the door for them.

"No we came h- it's fine y'all... I'll talk to y'all later." Neveah cut Lea off and sent them a warm smile.

"But- I'll text y'all! Bye."

The girls sighed and looked at Neveah one last time.

They knew she wanted to come with them but she's not.. for some reason.

They walked out the house.

"I hate y'all for real." Neveah said going up the stairs.

She cried herself into a nap.


I know what I wanna do to this book... it's not gonna be like the others.. this book finna be toxic.

 this book finna be toxic

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717 Words 🏹.

(No, I don't think that toxic relationships are cute, this is only for entertainment purposes only.🪁)

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