Chapter 38 🖤

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My life a mess. Sorry, I'm taking so long to update 😭.


I watch as Isabella's perfect form moves from behind the kitchen counter after pouring herself cereal. She was surprisingly not curled up in her blanket alone in her room with the lights off today, and she has not uttered a word about the fact that I've been here this whole time and whether or not I have something better to do. And I honestly like it better this way, because at least she was not pushing me away, she can not talk to me all day for all I care, well to an instinct I mean.

I turn on the stool as I watch her make her way over to the cough and fall onto the cushions and bring her legs up into crisscross underneath her body.

"Would you like to go out for dinner later?" I asked holding onto my breath as I wait for the rejection as I pray to whoever is above that she didn't and finally said yes.

Without answering she raises a spoonful of cereal to her mouth and takes a bite before nodding her head in agreement as she chews on her food.

I had to blink twice to make sure I was not seeing things at this point because what the fuck.

"Wait. Really?" I ask just to make sure I was not out here daydreaming about shit since every time I asked she always replied with 'I don't want to go out right now.'

"Yes" this time she spoke up and turn her attention to me and I could not help but smile.

Smile at her beauty and how much she has an unexplainable effect on me.


"It's not a date. It's dinner" I frown explaining to Dan for the hundredth time as I wish he would just leave me alone to be at peace.

"Dinner is a date. When a person asks someone to dinner it translates to 'is it possible for me to take you on a date'" he continues to be the annoying person I know he is. "Who knew the Lucas King would be simping over a girl to this extent" she shakes his head and looks into the distance as if trying to calculate the possibility of me liking a woman without it only being sexual.

"Simping? What the hell is that even supposed to mean. And where is Leila for you to be here right now and not somewhere fucking her into a wall or something" I frown grabbing two ties that I had laid in a drawer along with multiple other ones. I place the black-tie against my neckline just to see how it would look with the white button-up shirt and dark blue suit since I was trying to do something different today and not the usual black and white with no tie.

"This right here is simping my guy" he grabs the ties away from me as I frown "since when did you wear a tie anyways, at a point, I thought you threw all the ones you had away or something" he put the two ties I had in my hand back in the draw and grab a grey and blue tie instead handing it to me "if you're going to wear one make sure it matches first or something" he comments pushing the draw open and I roll my eyes putting on the tie. "Does Isabella even know it's a date?"

"When did I open my mouth and say it was a date? We're having dinner what part of that is not understandable to you?" I growl grabbing a pair of black leather shoes from the shelf which had them lined up.

"Your whole being is saying it's a date, stop denying it it's not a good look."

"Please tell me why you're here again?" I ask walking over to the small couch in my dressing room taking off my slippers to put on my shoes.

"Well since you're too busy simping and whatnot, I've come to tell you your company needs you, I fucking hate your job, the amount of stupid people in that building is just unbelievable" Dan complains again for the hundredth time about how much he hates being in control of a whole corporation as he did the day I asked him to fill in for me as a CEO after the whole Isabella thing.

"Are you serious right now?" I frown looking up at him duly "stop being stupid people have flaws they can't be perfect" I defend my workers which even surprises me as well as Dan.

Maybe I was turning into a simp. Fuck I hate that word.

"Well, they have too many flaws. I think you should seriously consider firing some, especially your assistant. She's gonna cost me my life at this point and it's not even a joke because Leila will chop off my balls if she finds out the number of times that woman tries to hit on me" he continues to complain causing me to laugh at his statement because it was true.

Leila seems very innocent and like she could do no harm, but when it comes to Dan, she could kill.

"Just one more week. You'll be fine" I tell him standing up and patting him on the shoulder before going to the cologne stand and picking up my favorite smell and praying some on, not that much so it would be unbearable, but enough.

"Come on man" Dan follows after me out of the closet and into my room as I grab my keys off the nightstand.

"Just one more week and you're free. You run clubs for God's sake Dee, you can take care of some company now stop complaining " I frown as I walk out and begin to walk downstairs to leave to go pick up Isabella so that we could make it to our reservation.

"Don't Dee me. This is eating me alive man" he continues with his complains "clubs are fun, I can drink and have Leila by my side 24/7, this is not fun and that hoe in that office making my life a living hell."

"Well you're in charge right now, you can drink or have Leila come up there and tell the assistant to stop hitting on you, just don't fuck up my office or any important shit" I explain the most obvious thing to him before turning  around to face him because I forgot to ask "how do I look?"

"I would marry you if I could" he smiles cheekily and I laugh making a disgusting face before turning around again to leave.

"Wish me luck!" I tell him pushing my front door open to leave.

"Simp!" I could hear him yell from the living room as I shut the front door and make my way to my car.

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