Penny x Alberto: Feelings

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Author's Note: Aight guys. This one shot will focus around Penny and Alberto, the Flipverse's sweetest and most innocent couple! <333 This one-shot takes place during the events of Papa's Freezeria.

This one will be a bit short. ^^

Penny loved to dine out on pizza, burgers, and tacos She had been looking for a job to make some easy cash. After all, she had to have enough money to pay her rent, and still dine out on a regular basis.

She shortly thereafter, found out Papa Louie was hiring. On a relaxing island, no less!

When she arrived on Calypso Island, she was given a brochure to read what she is to expect.

"Build delicious treats to keep the locals and tourists cooled off!

"Good wages and easy tips!"

"Stress-free work!"

"Decorate the restaurant however you'd like!"

Penny slighted happily. "Ahhhh, this is gonna be fun..."

But then the S.S. came.

"Huh...?" Penny said confusedly, blocking out the sun with her hand.

The S.S. stopped by the doc as a flood of tourists got out of the ship. Penny could hear each and every one of them talk about how they are excited to try the sundaes from Papa's Freezeria.

"What have I gotten myself into..." Penny said to herself, putting her hands on her face.

"Penny?", a familiar voice said.

"Alberto?" Penny replied happily.

"I am gonna be working with you!"

"That's awesome!" Penny replied, her eyes lightning up.

Penny developed a huge crush on Alberto when they met in high school during their freshman year. Little did Penny know, Albert also had feelings for her, but he had yet to find the courage to confess to Penny.

.  .  .

After working together at Papa's Freezeria for a few weeks, Penny and Alberto got even closer. Therefore, their feelings for each other only intensified.

It was a quiet evening at Papa's Freezeria. The restaurant was about to close for the day, and sunset turned to dusk.

"I have to tell her..." Alberto sighed sadly to himself. "I don't know how much longer I can hide it...".

Luckily, Penny and Alberto were about to close for the day, so they could do it then.

"" Alberto began bashfully.

"Sure... What is it...?" Penny replied, seeming kind of worried.

"I...I have to talk to you about...something" Alberto stammered.

"Well, what is it..?" Penny replied, still seeming concerned.

"We are about to close. I will tell you after our shift..." Alberto replied.

"Oh, okay..."

.  .  .

After what was the longest 15 minutes of Penny's life, it was finally time for her and Alberto to close Papa's Freezeria for the day, thus finally being able to find out what Alberto so desperately wanted to tell her.

"Let's go behind Papa's Freezeria." Alberto suggested.

"So what do you want to talk to me about?" Penny wondered.

"Penny...I've known you for a long time." Alberto began. "You have given me some of the best memories of my life.

Penny started to blush.

"You are helping me get through high school, you help me to get better grades, I always have such a good time playing soccer with you, you make working at the Freezeria easier, and most importantly, you always manage to make my day brighter..." Alberto continued.

"What are you saying?" Penny asked, touched by his words.

"Penny...I...I like you..." Alberto said timidly.

"REALLY?!" Penny chirped, her eyes lighting up.

"Yes..." Alberto sighed happily,

"I had no idea... I've had a crush on you ever since we first met..." Penny confessed, as a tear of joy escaped her eyes.

"Really...?" Alberto squealed

"Yep." Penny began. "You're cute...and...handsome...and sweet...and you make me feel safe..."

"Thanks, Penny..." Alberto replied, smiling lovingly at her. "You are so sweet, beautiful, and loving..."

Then Alberto finally asked the big question.

"Penny, will you be my girlfriend?"

"YES!!!!! YES!!!" Penny replied, jumping up and down with joy. "I LOVE YOU, ALBERTO!!!"

Alberto embraced Penny tightly. "I love you too" Alberto cooed into her ear.

Then they share a passionate kiss while enveloped in each other's arms.

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