Chapter 83

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---The Next Day---

"Sky! Wake up" I hear my fathers voice boom through my room.

"No" I groan

"Its 8am. I let you have a lie in"

"I'm having a really great dream" I tell him.

"What's it about?" I feel my bed sink slightly at the end.

"I was at prom with Matt and it was great"

"Which Matt?"

"Espinosa" I tell him.

"Fab, get up" He says grabbing my ankles beneath the duvet. "I will drag you out"

"Fine! I'm getting up" I say finally opening my eyes. I kick out of his grip and throw the covers off myself and climb out of bed.

"It's cold out so bring a cardigan or something" He smiles. I nod in response and he exits the room. I look in my closet and find my bright pink sweater and black leggings from the day I first met the boys. That was the best day of my life and this could be a close second so I may as well wear the same thing- for old times sake. I throw the outfit on and brush my teeth and hair as well as the essential watch that I know Langford will be checking for. I look on my phone at pictures from that amazing day and decide to also do a waterfall braid with my hair. I also apply winged eyeliner and mascara along with a skin coloured lipstick. I grab my school bag and run downstairs.

"About time!" Taylor says to me as I walk down the stairs. "Hey I know that look." He says looking me up and down. "You were wearing that exact same outfit the first day I met you weren't you?"

"Keen eye Caniff" I laugh

"That's what they say"

"Do they though?" I tease.

"Enough of that cheek" He laughs at me. "Want some food?" I nod eagerly and follow him into the kitchen.


As I walk into Paradise records once again along side my father, I feel a sense of pride but even more nerves than the first time I was here. I'm going to be spending a lot more time here so I better start getting used to it. My dad takes my hand as we walk into reception to be greeted by Lucy.

"Hey" She says "I'll go get James" She gets up out of her desk chair and walks through a nearby door. A few seconds later James comes into view and smiles as soon as he sees me.

"Just can't keep away huh?" He laughs

"You wish" I laugh back

"Welcome to Paradise Records" He says to my dad and reaches out to shake his hand. "You must be Mr Potter"

"You would be correct in saying that" Dad says "You must be James. I've heard about you" Oh god. Stop. You're going to embarrass me- I know you will.

"All good things I hope" James smirks

"Can we not have this conversation please?" I beg

"Langford is ready to see you anyway" James says walking towards Mr Langford's office. He knocks on the door and then opens it to reveal Mr Langford sat in a brightly lit room with a wall of glass showing the amazing view. This is so different from last time. Is this still the same room?

"Ah Skylar!" He says standing to greet me. He walks over and does the kiss on both cheeks thing adults always do and then shakes my father's hand.

"This is my dad" I state

"Mr Potter, it is a pleasure to meet you. Your daughter has a great talent." Langford smiles, walking back to his desk chair. "Please, take a seat" He says gesturing to the two seats on the opposite side of the desk.

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