Ayman was a little too stern with her making her flitch from his tone. He wasn’t yelling, he was just speaking a little louder than his usual monotone. It was the first time he had ever lost his cool with Yasmin which wasn’t the best thing to do right now considering her state.

  “I’m sorry.” She whispered, her eyes getting a little tearing as she sat back in her chair and started to slowly eat her breakfast.

   Looking at Ayman, I noticed his eyes softening while he looked at Yasmin and I knew he regretted losing his cool like that, “Yasmin,” He paused waiting for her to look at him and she did, “Take your time. I’m going to wait for you until you finish eating then give you a ride to school.” His voice was much softer now.

  She nodded then continued to eat in silent. Ayman sat in the living room watching the news while waiting for her.

  When I made sure Ayman wasn’t paying attention to us, I turned to Yasmin to talk to her, “Yasmin, you know Ayman doesn’t mean to be mean. He is just worried about you.”

  She nodded looking back at him for a second then continued eating her food. I felt really guilty that she was feeling horrible not just from missing her mom but because Ayman scolded her too harshly.

  He was never like this with any guest even if it was a family member but I guess he doesn’t really see Yasmin as just a guest anymore. He is being protective over her in his way and as strange to her as it is, it means he was starting to care for her as one of us now.


~Zayn’s P.O.V~

   The studio vibes were amazing, especially now that I have Jay here with me. It was really crazy with Shahid, Jay, myself and a couple of Shahid’s friends.

  We originally came to make some music like we always plan but as usual we ended up fooling around having a laugh and taking pictures.

  “Your hair is so long mate, you need a proper haircut.” Shahid chuckled playing with my hair.

  “Yeah mate, I need to do one of those sick Top Knots.” I pointed at my cousin’s hair which was long in the middle but very short at the sides and at the back. Like a high up bun with the rest of his hard cut very short. It was neat.

  “You wanna join the squad, amigo?” Jay wiggled his eyebrows in the weirdest way.

  “Oi, the squad seems incomplete without me.” I bantered with him.

  “You two need to get desi.”  Shahid rolled his eyes making us laugh at him.

  Feeling a slight vibration in my pocket, I fished for my phone to read my new message.

  Jo; ‘Yo! I just finished my solitary time. Can we chill?’

  Looking at Shahid who was having a laugh with Jawaad, I decided to ask him if Jo can join us before reply since it was his and all, “Shahid, is it cool if I invited a friend over?”

  “Yeah, no problem.” Shahid brushed it off not really paying attention to me.

  “Who is it?” Jay asked.

  “Jo.” I answered him as I typed down the address for Jo to come over.


  “Are you sure you want to do that?” Jay asked Jo with one eyebrow raised.

  “I’m sure.” He replied taking a deep breath.

  “Okay, ready, set, go!” Everyone cheered as Jo starting drinking a big barrel of a weird red soft drink that Shahid got as a gift from an artist.

  It’s been hours since Jo had come over. He seemed to be getting along with everyone quite well. We were all having fun, messing about when Sam, a friend of Shahid, dared any of to drink that nasty thing but we all refused since it smelled so weird. Jo was the only one up for it so he got pumped up and decided to do it.

  After a minute or so Jo finally got sick and spilled the drink on the ground making Jay jump back to avoid the drink.

  “I can’t believe you drank almost have of it. You are one tough kid.” Sam high fived Jo before joining everyone else in whatever new conversation they started.

  I sat back with Jo to make sure the drink didn’t have a bad effect on him. It looked fishy to me, “How are you champ?”

  “A little sick.” He tried to smile but instead ended up throwing up in the trash can next to the bench.

  “All better?” I asked giving him a napkin.

  “Yeah. That thing wasn’t strawberry.” He chuckled making me laugh as well.

  “It looked and smelled weird. I can’t believe you actually drank half a barrel.”

  “I wanted to impress your friends.” He shrugged like it was no big deal making me furrow my eyebrow at him.

  “You don’t have to do some sh*t you don’t even want to do just to impress anyone.” I scolded him a little for doing that. The guy was a top lad, why would he even think like that. It was stupid.

  Shrugging, he fished for his phone then got it out of his pocket as it while mumbling, “It doesn’t matter.”

  Jay came walking to us with a smirk on his face, “Who are you texting Jo?”

  “My girlfriend.” Jo said proudly making me snap my head at him. He has a girlfriend? I thought he doesn’t date, like his sister.

  “I thought your family was like religious and stuff.” I tried to sound cool as if the subject didn’t really interest me.

  “Yeah, they are.” Jo shrugged not even caring.

  “Is she hot?” Jay wiggled his eyebrows in a seductive way.

  “Yes, but that’s none of your business.” Jo said protectively.

  “Chill man, I know my limits,” Jay chuckled taking a sneak peak at Jo’s screen, “Oi mate, it’s that girl from the library.”

  “Yeah, Holly.”

  “She’s fit.” Jay teased Jo once more earning a smack on the head from Jo, “chill mate, I’m just pulling your leg.”

  Jo was dating Iman’s friend whom he only saw like twice before and she was okay with it, while I had to work my arse off just to make his sister to spare me a glance.

  At first I thought it was a religious thing but now I know she was okay with the idea of dating, only not with me.

  Was I really not worthy of her time that much? Did she really think of me that low that I shouldn’t be seen in public with her?


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