chapter 2 | the first lesson

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Y/n goes to her local chinese takeaway and sees an advertisement for guitar lessons with William Gold and decided's to take them. then she remembers why she wants to play the guitar


it was coming up to the first day of my guitar lessons. to be honest I was pretty nervous, I didn't really know why. it was probably the fact that hate all face-to-face social interactions with people whatsoever or the fact that I really didn't want Will to ask me why I decided to get guitar lessons because I don't want to explain life story to someone and I'm a bad liar. 


I texted George and told him that I was finally getting guitar lessons he was very happy for me, to say the least, since he knew how much it meant to me. we decided to do one of our monthly facetimes and it went pretty well "one of my friends plays the guitar and he's pretty good at it" George spoke with a mouthful of sushi. a few hours went by and we were on the topic of Minecraft, one of George's favorite things to talk about since he has a whole career based around it "oh and then he snuck up behind us and killed us all" scoffed George as he explained one of the many ways dream had killed him, Sapnap and Badboyhalo in a manhunt. Dream and Sapnap are both my best friends and I have known them for as long as George, on the other hand I haven't spoken to bad at all or know any of George's other Minecraft friends. what i could make of what George was saying, bad called to four of them the "Four Muffinteers" after the "Three Musketeers" well I'm not sure entirely but it was something like that.


It was the night of the first lesson. I got my small bag and headed out the door. I reached for my phone to check the address will gave me and typed it into Google maps. it was a 15 minute walk which wasn't too bad. I walked down one of the long pathways by the busy London street and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small market down an alleyway. I had time to spare so I decided to get some of the baked goods that they were selling. I bought two cookies, one for me and one for Will (if he wanted one of course), a small jar of homemade jam and a lavastone bracelet. it had a nice and chill vibe to it so I decided to post a picture of it on insta.


found this little place :)

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found this little place :)

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I made my way to the address, it was an apartment block. I was told to go to the 4th floor and to the first door on the right of the stairs. I entered the building and walked towards the lift (a lift is an elevator) "great the lift isn't in use" I mumbled as I braced myself for the long hike up the 4 flights of stairs to get to Will's place.

I made it up 3 flights of stairs and then leaned against the wall to catch my breath, a minute or two after I went up the final flight of stairs and went to the first door on the right.

I was greeted by this 6'5 curly haired, brunette man wearing these circle shaped glasses along with the cutest smile I have ever seen. he was wearing a mustard yellow jumper and a pair of black jeans. he welcomed me in and I sat on his couch. he gave me a minute to catch my breath again. "sorry I should have told you the lift's not in use at the moment" he spoke with the same calming voice I heard through the phone. I pulled out the cookies and offered him one, he kindly accepted my offer and we chatted and got to know each other a bit before getting stuck into the lessons. just as I thought it was going well I was hit with the question "so why do you want to learn the guitar?" I sat there trying to think of a good enough reason, but I just gave up and said that I was always passionate about music and decided that guitar lessons were the way to go. with that out of the way we began

Wilbur's POV

(this is just what happened in the last paragraph in Wilbur's POV)

I heard a knock on the door, I was expecting y/n so I got up to answer it. there she was, a beautiful y/h/c haired girl with loving y/e/c eyes. she wore a long tan coat paired with a black t-shirt tucked into her blue jeans and black doc martins. (sorry if this isn't your clothing style you can put in anything you want)

y/n came in and sat down on the couch. she looked exhausted from climbing up 4 flights of stairs to get here, I let her catch her breath and apologized for not telling her the lift wasn't in use. she said it was ok and pulled out a small brown paper bag with two cookies in it. she offered me one, they looked really good so I gladly accepted the offer. we chatted for around 5-10 minutes and within that time I asked her why she wanted to learn how to play the guitar, she looked very awkward when I asked and simply replied with saying that she was passionate about music. I could tell that there was a bit more than that but I didn't want to put her under any pressure so I brushed it of and continued. shortly after we began the lessons.


Wil got his guitar and handed it to me. I took it and he showed me how to hold it correctly depending on whether or not you were standing or sitting. he also went over some of the basics like telling me what different parts of the guitar are for and that type of stuff. afterwards we moved on to the actual guitar lessons. he demonstrated where your fingers are meant to go to play some basic cords I managed to play most of them with ease but one or two were difficult. after an hour and a half of playing my lessons were over. I payed will £20 and made my way to the door.

Will followed me to his door but tripped over a wire on the ground and fell into me which knocked me over. I fell on to the ground and went over on my ankle. it hurt a lot but was I going to show it, no. I didn't want to make a bad first impression of being weak in front of someone, like I said I'm bad at any face-to-face social interactions so I just sat there in the ground trying to fight back the tears. all my mind was thinking about was how was I going to get home.

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