A Serpent and His Rose [Hogsmeade Trip]

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"Why now?!" Kasey shot at you the second you got up to the girls dorms.

"What?" you asked, completely confused by this random question.

"You and Draco? I mean, you've said no all these years! And it's our last year! For us to be free and date whoever we want!"

"Slow down!" you shouted over her outburst. She stopped. "Draco and I aren't even together."

"What do you mean?" she coaxed, following you into the bathroom.

"I mean we are just going to Hogsmeade together. It's not like I'm agreeing to be his girlfriend."

"But, after you go to Hogsmeade he'll ask you out again." she said.

"I don't doubt that."

"So then what?"

"Kasey!" you said, stepping back and taking a breath. "I'm not ever going to date Draco Malfoy. I mean, he's Draco! Who knows if he'll even want to date me." you said, brushing out your hair.

"Because everyone knows he likes you."

"Not as a girlfriend." you snapped, slightly surprised at your own tone. "Who's to say I'm not just a challenge to him? I'm..." you voice cracked. Kasey noticed your emotions and began to looked confused. You took another deep breath. "It's not going to happen." You finished. Kasey took this as a cue to leave, and when she did you didn't know what to do. You got ready slowly, and pulled yourself back together by the time you got downstairs.

"Morning." Draco said, greeting you. You half smiled. "What's wrong, Andy?" he asked concernedly.

"Nothing." you said quickly, seeing Kasey and Tammy whispering from the couch and looking over. "Let's just go." you said. He followed you out of the common room and stopped you in the hallway.

"Seriously. What's the matter?"

"Just Kasey and Tammy being annoying."

"Oh. Yeah I don't get why you're friends with them." he said as you started walking out again.

"What do you mean?" you asked, confused.

"They're bitches." he said simply. You laughed, hitting him softly on the arm.

"That didn't stop you from shagging them, did it?"

"Well, a man's mind doesn't focus too much on personality when it comes down to it."

"Not men. Just yours. Pig." He laughed, putting an arm around you as you walked outside. The only reason you allowed it was because it was freezing outside.

"Draco!" you both turned to see Felicia West running toward you. You shot Draco a questioning look, which he responded to with a shrug. "Why are you with her?" She asked suddenly, seeing you close up.

"Why not?" you answered. She smiled fakely before turning to Draco. You eyed her flipping back her curly blonde hair in disgust. She was the house whore.

"You promised you would come with me this Hogsmeade trip, remember?"

"Oh, did I?" he asked, looking as though he was trying to remember.

"Yes silly, you remember!" She said. "On the train you said that you'd spend the next Hogsmeade trip with me. Remember? After we..." you raised an eyebrow as she whispered in his ear something you couldn't quite catch. A smirk came up on his face. You rolled your eyes.

"You know, it's okay." you said, smiling sweetly. Draco looked at you, almost as if he forgot you were there.

"Super!" Felicia clapped excitedly, taking your place at Draco's side. You scowled inside.

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