Part 26 ~ Don't Leave Me

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I frantically rush into the hospital. Not caring about anything else, my focus on Martin. I make it to his room and see a bunch of nurses and doctors scrambling around.

"Miss you can't be in here." Someone Shouts

"I don't Care!!! He is my husband!!!" I yell back

I maneuver my way through the crowd and grab Martins hand. I look at the heart monitor, it's almost to slow to actually count as having a heartbeat.

"What happened?"

"Mrs James, his tumor hasn't responded to the treatment the way we thought it would. He has maybe 6 hours left tops before his heart gives out. I you would like you can bring your guys children in to visit one last time."

"Okay, thank you." I say tuning back to Martin. My husband, the love of my life, my one and only. Is dying.

I call my neighbor and ask her to bring the kids to the hospital. They look beyond excited when they see me, I wish I could give them the same.

"Mommy!!" Oliver screeches

"Shhh, honey. People are sleeping."

"dada?" Mariana babbles (A/N she is almost 7 months so I figured she might start babbling random stuff.)

"Okay, kids. We are going to see daddy. He isn't doing very well, we have to say goodbye."

"I don't wanna!" Estella yells

"Neither do I, but we have to, daddy is going to leave. He will be going somewhere else."

"I go with!" Estella says

"No baby doll, he has to go all by himself. He has to be a big boy."

"But, I don't want daddy to leave."

"He has to, so let's go in quietly and say goodbye."

We walk into the room, Estella and Oliver climb onto the bed to sit beside him. They both begin talking to him, they talk and talk. In fact they talk so long that 5 hours have passed, which means they need to leave.

I call Elle May again, and explain the situation. She gladly says that she will come pick the kids up and watch them overnight. After she arrives, and the kids say final goodbyes it becomes my turn.

"Wow, I honestly don't know what to say. In fact I never thought I would have to say this, so here it goes; Martin everyday and every hour from the second we met has been amazing. I will miss everything about you, your warm embrace, your kisses, your smell. EVERYTHING! I promised on our wedding day to love you forever, until death do thou part. But, now death is parting us and I don't want it to. I will love you even after you are gone. I will love Estella & Oliver like my own. I will make sure that our little girl, that's right number four is a girl, knows who her daddy is. Anyways, goodbye & I love you so so so much."

"I love you more" he mumbles

I'm in shock. He spoke, what does this mean, is he better?

"If you say so." I whisper

Then the heart minister stops beeping, and goes flat. He's gone, he held on long enough

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