My heart 2

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Baby it wasn't even like that we just friends and you know how TSR is they shady af Y/N says hoping he won't have lil fit

Witc you y'all just friends he said stern

I met him at a event and thought cool and give him my instagram but as friends. I got a man baby I said smiling

Girl I'm not smiling you mine and only mine you out here giving some other nigga hugs and instagram so playin with me bro said hit man

Baby why are you even pressed about it if know I'm all yours she said

Bae sometimes I get jealous I know you mine and all but you be looking a lil to good and havin other niggas looking at you like you thanksgiving feast.   I just don't wanna lose my baby to one of these clown 🤡

Awww Y/N says  Baby you never gonna lose me even if these clowns want me I'm only for you Y/N said

Come ere hit man said  as he beings to put his arms around her waist and kissing her neck

I know baby I  just hope we forever hit says

We are Y/N said

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