His Darkness Surrounds: Chapter 5

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Copyright © 2011 by Ruby Gonzalez

Chapter 5

"Who are you talking to?" I asked. I entered the kitchen letting my eyes roam the room in search of an answer.

"No one." Rick answered too quickly, turning around to face me.

I was not at all convinced, "Are you sure? I heard voices." 

"I wasn't talking to anyone, Camille, there's no one here, besides you and me."

"Oh...okay." I let it slip. Absorbed in my thoughts, I felt how something wasn't right. Rick has always been an expert at masking his real emotions, but I know my best friend too well.

There was an odd look in his eyes. He seemed worried and frightened. But one thing was for sure...he was lying. But at least nothing dangerous had occurred to him.

Leaving my thoughts, I noticed I was surrounded by an ocean of glass.

"What happened in here?" Carefully, I made my way towards Rick. He was looking out towards the woods.

"I'm not sure what did happen," He answered simply. He appeared to be thinking something over. There's constantly been those moments when I've thought he hides something from me. Maybe one day, he will trust me enough to tell me.

"Well, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Mrs. Anderson's kids with their football. They went on vacation a week ago."

Rick was still overlooking the woods. I grabbed a broom and start sweeping the glass. "Hey, quit staring outside and be useful."

He muttered a sorry. I let out a chuckle.

"Since when does Richard James Riccardi ever apologize?" That had to be a first!

"Don't push it!" He menaced. "And you know I don't like being called by my full name!" Rick walked towards me, grabbed the broom and swiftly cleaned everything in a matter of minutes.

Taking the phone in the kitchen, he added, "I'll go throw the glass away, and call someone to come put in a new window."

"My mother will be highly upset when she finds out what happened to the new window imported from Italy," I announced, letting my laughter clear the room from the window incident. "I can picture her face! I bet she will go into tears over her precious window."

"Knowing your mom, she probably will!" Rick answered and left the kitchen with the remains from what used to be an Italian window.

Sitting down in chair, something from the counter caught my eye. The old fashioned paper seemed to be folded to appear like a letter. Giving in to curiosity, I sauntered over to where it was, and took it in my hands. I stared at the letter, seeing as my name was inscribed on the front. I opened it and read the words in my head.

My Shining Light

Once trapped in a dark world,

surrounded by hate and misery.

Searching for a light,

not full of mystery.

Other lights only shine shortly,

needing a light that will shine forever 

And die,

it will never.

Finally finding the perfect light,

shining brightly in my world.

And that shining light,

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